On the First Day of Blogmas…

On the First Day of Blogmas... Life With Ktkinnes
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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog during my favourite time of the year, and the first day of Blogmas! Let me just say now, in case I accidentally offend anyone, I am a major fan of Christmas. Growing up in a religious family, I of course understand that it isn’t all about the aesthetics of it all, however I myself am not as religious as the rest of my family and so spend the Christmas period celebrating family and friendships. It’s this time of year that I like to take a step back from it all, or as much as I can considering there are exams to worry about, and thank whatever deity happens to exist, if one does exist. For my religious opinions, either ask me over on social media, or take a read through my posts in August 2015 after the death of a relative.

Wow that was slightly more morbid than it was supposed to be! Anyway, let’s get back to the festivities, shall we? Last year, I attempted to (and spectacularly failed at) posting a Christmas Songs Countdown. Well, it’s back for take two this year! Along side this, I will be partaking in Blogmas by blogging daily and sharing all sorts of Christmassy fun with you all. So, to get things started, in at number 25 we have Christmas Lights by Coldplay.

Personally, I wouldn’t have picked this song but that’s purely because I’m a big fan of the classic Christmas pop, or possibly a bit of Bublé, am I right?

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Today’s topic for the first day of Blogmas (I swear I will stop using this word, it doesn’t look real does it?) is 10 Things to do to give back  this Christmas. As we all know, Christmas is a time of love and giving and so this year I have come up with ways to give back, even just making someone’s day brighter. I might even treat it as a challenge, see how many I do this festive season.

  1. Provide the homeless with a warm meal
  2. Donate unwanted clothes and blankets to the local charity shops
  3. Buy from the small, local shops instead of the large chains – even just your food for that day
  4. Simply hold the door open for at least one person.
  5. Give up a seat on the subway for someone who needs it moreuntitled-design
  6. Buy the person behind you their coffee if the barista allows it
  7. Do the dishes or another chore for someone without being asked to.
  8. Spend time with your older relatives where possible
  9. Be kind to someone you dislike
  10. Offer to wrap presents for your friends/family

Of course, there are so many other ways to give back, there aren’t only 10. So what would you add to the list?

Have a wonderful 1st of December!

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7 thoughts on “On the First Day of Blogmas…

  1. Nour Mahgoub

    Currently listening to Coldplay’s song while typing this comment. Love so much the idea of Christmas Songs Countdown by the way! Great post, I can’t wait to read the other ones! xx


  2. Single Vegas Girl

    Definitely spend time with loved ones because that never hurts! To go along with paying for a person’s drink you could purchase a meal! I had that happen a few years ago in a drive through. I started to hand over the cash and the employee told me that the car in front of me had paid for it. (:

    Single Vegas Girl

  3. ktkinnes

    Aww that’s so lovely of the person in front of you! It’s the little things like that that make you smile xx

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