Okay where did June go? – July 2016

Okay where did June go? - July 2016 Life With Ktkinnes
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Is it just me who didn’t realise until about 10 minutes ago that today is the 1st of July 2016? I mean I should’ve realised it was the 1st when we’ve spent all day talking about either Granny’s birthday tomorrow or Rachel leaving for Romania tomorrow. Time flies!

Since coming back, I couldn’t really tell you what I’ve been up to. There was the family wedding back at the beginning of the month, a few job interviews as the month went on, and a lot of revision for flipping resits. Will there ever be a time I’m not revising for something?

My goals were nice and simple this last month. I read Room, which you can find the review for here, completing goal one. I mostly managed to cut down on my bread intake, as well as watching what I was eating a little more than usual. Finally, I haven’t really caught up on sleep because of revising but we’ll fix that soon.

I’m not really sure what to set as goals for July 2016. I’m half way through the year and very close to not setting them! However, I will persevere, even if only to say I achieved one of my new year resolutions.

  1. Read at least one book. I’m going to Ibiza this month so that shouldn’t be too hard!
  2. Blog at least twice a week. I keep neglecting you all, sorry!
  3. Cook at least 2 new different meals this month. I got so excited at sharing a new recipe with you all but then I realised I had eaten it without taking a single picture Maybe next time.

So there we have it!
If you’re at all interested, here’s a brief summary of my blog posts from the last month. Hope July is good to you!
July 2016 reviewing previous month postOkay where did June go? - July 2016 Life With Ktkinnes

Ktkinnes xxx

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