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Happy Tuesday everyone! You know, it doesn’t feel like it’s been 5 days since I was last sitting down to write to you all, more like just 5 minutes! But it’s a new week, and we’re getting further and further into autumn.  In fact, it was bliss at the weekend to feel the chill in the air and see the colours of the leaves.

Now that October is getting further along, the weather is encouraging me to either take long walks through the forest or beside the sea, or to curl up on the sofa with a good book.  Considering I shared with you all my September reading list, and it actually made me stick with it, I thought that maybe I would share my October reads with you all.


So as I said, my September reads were actually successful for a change! And now that I’m only 3 books off my goal for 2019, I thought it be a good idea to share this month’s reading list. But before we get there, let’s take a look back at last months’ books.


September Reads – Looking Back


Catch 22 was the first book on my list, and I managed to finish it on the 29th September – nothing like cutting it fine! But I thoroughly enjoyed Catch 22.  It was a completely different style of writing to what I’ve been used to lately, and the subtle (and not so subtle) humour really had me laughing out loud at times. I would however be honest – if it hadn’t been for the Channel 4 series, I don’t think I’d have been able to stick with the book.  I needed to be able to visualise each character, especially with the sheer number of them! However as I say I enjoyed it. Probably rating it an 8/10.


Before I Die – why I ever bought this book is beyond me.  Don’t get me wrong, it was fantastic.  So much so that I sat up until 2am reading this book, and then proceeded to sob into my pillow for the next hour when I finished it.  I mean, the title kinda gives away the way the book ends.  But there’s that little bit of you that’s there praying that it won’t end that way.  Beautifully written, tugs on your heart strings, an equal amount of sadness and humour, this YA piece of fiction gets a 9/10 from me, with one point deducted because I cried for so long after finishing it that I was a walking zombie in work the next day.


A Game of Thrones – I actually finished this one first, and immediately downloaded the next book in the series on Audible. It’s hard to review the book without thinking of the tv series now, so a part of me wishes I had read them first, but then I wouldn’t have been able to see it being acted out in my head.  The way it is with both Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this (does it count as being read?) as I could picture the actors and actresses, and I learnt so much more than they could ever show on screen.


October Reads – the  coming month

So now for what I hope to read this month! Again, I have 3 books I would like to read in October, although I’m not too fussed if I don’t get through them all.


The Handmaid’s Tale is first on the list. I tried to watch the TV series, but just couldn’t get into it.  I know we have to accept actors doing different things, but Elizabeth Moss will always be the daughter in The West Wing to me, as much as Dule Hill will always belong in The West Wing and not Suits.


Next up is A Clash of Kings –  book 2 in the Game of Thrones series.  I think I want to work through all the books in the series, so this naturally had to be on the list!


Finally, we have Antigone – a play by Sophocles.  Technically this isn’t one I particularly want to read, but it’s the first book on my reading list for this year’s Open University course, so I suppose it had better be on my reading list for this month!


What are you planning on reading this month? Or what would you recommend I read?

5 thoughts on “October Reading

  1. clairelomax2018

    I like the sound of Before I die, although after losing Mum last year, I am not good with anything that pulls my heartstrings too much.

    I am reading GOT’s at the mo and I am on the first book and have been since August. I just don’t get enough time to read and its hard to read when you see the whole series running through your head.

    But I am loving all the extra bits that you don’t get in the series x

  2. mommyincolor

    You’re closer to your goal than I am to mine. However, I’m excited to be reading The Water Dancer by Tanehisi Coates as well as Family of Origin by CJ Hauser. Happy reading!

  3. Lori Roach

    I recently finished the first Game of Thrones book, too! I have to admit, it would have been hard to follow had I not seen the show. It followed pretty closely. Eager to keep reading the series to see where the paths diverge!

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