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October 2021

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And within the blink of an eye, here we are in October 2021! September was a busy month, am I right? Halloween is right around the corner, and Christmas is fast approaching. Don’t take my word for it though, you should check out those who agree with us over on Christmas With Katie! But before we begin to think about the festive season, let’s have a look at September and October 2021.

As we wake up today, ready to begin a weekend in October, it’s hard not to feel slightly autumnal. The crisp air, the dark nights, and autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place… the best time of the year is fast approaching! It may surprise you to hear, but I genuinely adore Autumn. It’s my favourite season. But that’s ignoring the “festive” season which really only lasts 25 days.

Pumpkins stacked with October 2021 written in the front

Autumn technically begins in September, meaning we’re in the middle of it. However I do often feel Autumn only comes into its own in October. And as I start to look back at the last month, it’s hardly surprising I feel like October 2021 will be the first time I feel properly Autumnal!

Pumpkin against autumn leaves for october 2021

September 2021

If you remember, I was slightly apprehensive about September coming. It wasn’t helped by a bit of a run-in with a brand who didn’t want to follow the law with regards to declaring ads or sponsorship… but we won’t go there. Wednesday saw me in work for a bit of a busy day. Between Brexit and covid, production is a little bit of a nightmare, and supply chains are being affected in industries you would never expect. But I’ll not bore you with that just yet. Let’s just say I was glad to have my furlough Thursday back again! It was well and truly needed this week…

October 2021 Life With Ktkinnes

Mum’s car was in the garage, so Dad took it round while I dropped her to work and drove to collect him. My car finance issue still hadn’t been sorted, so I stayed at the dealership for an hour to try and come to some solution. Then it was round to Granny to do the weekly visit with food etc. From there, Dad and I returned home. I had stuff to print off after my guitar lesson on Wednesday night, and Dad needed to go up there anyway for some things. While there, we got a call to collect Mum’s car. Dropped it back to her office for her, drove to the shops to do a food shop, home for lunch after 2 o’clock, and then set to preparing dinner and freezing fresh herbs. It doesn’t sound a lot, but it was busy! So I was glad to be in work on Friday for a break.

October 2021 Life With Ktkinnes

Then the weekend came, and we were ready for a good day by the rugby touchline. There’s nothing quite like a cool day by the touchline! But unfortunately the game was called off due to covid in the other team. So instead we spent the afternoon with Granny and enjoying the milder air. Sunday was then spent blogging, gardening, and working on all other things blog until it was time to watch Vigil.

October 2021 Life With Ktkinnes

The following week was a short one in work. I had guitar on the Wednesday, and woke up on the Thursday as a 26 year old. Kind of scary if you ask me! We had coffee with one Granny, lunch with the other, and then headed into Belfast for a day of drinking and celebrating. It was good fun, and Friday saw us do a bit of shopping and a walk to clear the heads. When Saturday rolled around, we went shopping and for another walk, before out for dinner at a family friend’s house. It was a great meal, however once again too much alcohol was consumed! So Sunday we went with delicate heads to watch some rugby nad have a pick-me-up pint or three at the rugby club. When I went into work the following week, it was to sober up I think!

October 2021 Life With Ktkinnes

The rest of the month passed mostly without much. I went into Belfast for the day with Dad and his friend, we had a road trip to Newcastle, County Down, and I took myself to Fermanagh for a weekend to see my cousin and her baby. So September was a busy month!

October 2021 Life With Ktkinnes

September 2021 Goals

  1. Post Weekly on each blog
    I DID IT! We got at least 1 post each week on the blog! It seemed a little hectic at times, and there’s certainly nothing like putting pressure on yourself, but we reached the end of September and we achieved this goal!
  2. Schedule Blogtober Posts
    So we have half of Blogtober scheduled. Well, 12 out of 31 posts scheduled. So the next few weeks will be spent working on the next 19 posts! Tell me, is it November yet? Or even better, January? Only joking, but seriously why do I put this pressure on myself? Please remember to go check them out, otherwise I may just give up on it all…
  3. Read 2 books
    I read Cross Stitching by Holly Pritchard, and I finished by audiobook of A Christmas to Remember buy Anton Du Beke. So while I didn’t get reading Bridgerton, I at least achieved this goal!

Wow, okay, did I actually achieve all my goals for September? I think I did! That’s a surprise. Did you expect me to achieve them all with all the events of September?

October 2021 Life With Ktkinnes

October 2021

Here we go! So, as of today, furlough is over and I am back in the office full time. Like properly! I’m both super excited, and also terrified of it at the same time. I mean, it’s great to be back to full time, but what about my Thursday lie-ins? I’m joking of course, but we’ll see how this goes. What are the odds on me having a meltdown before Christmas?

October 2021 Life With Ktkinnes

Currently I have zero plans for October apart from a hair cut, blogging, and of course continuing with both Open University work and guitar. And maybe some Netflix… and some walks. To be honest, the main thing happening in October 2021 is Blogtober over on Christmas With Katie! Have you checked out the first post? It’s a deliciously festive breakfast that you need for Christmas Day!

October 2021 Life With Ktkinnes

October 2021 Goals

Okay if I’m being totally honest, my goals are just to get through October 2021. Not only is it my first full month of work since February 2020, but I have Blogtober stress on top of it. As I say, fully self inflicted, but still! Shall we set some proper goals for October 2021?

  1. Finish 2 Books
    As I was saying, this is going to be a busy month. So the goal is to remember to relax with a couple of books throughout the month. I also was given a few books for my birthday last month that I cannot wait to read!
  2. Complete Blogtober, while posting weekly here
    Pretty self explanatory, right? Fingers crossed it happens!
  3. Start Blogmas Content
    Yup, we’re already at that point… which is a little crazy! But the year is coming to a close and this is the month the clocks change on us, so let’s get ahead of ourselves with our Blogmas planning!

Have you set yourself any goals for October 2021 yet? Or have you any plans for the month ahead? Let me know in the comments below!

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