October 2020 Life With Ktkinnes

October 2020

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Okay can anyone else relate – I swear we’re just in the 7th phase of March! But today we wake up on Thursday 1st October 2020, and I am beyond ready to start a new month.

With October 2020 looking set to be another month of furlough, even if only part time, I decided we’re going to shake things up a little and have some fun with the blog. But I’ll go into that in a few minutes when we get down to talking about the month ahead. As ever though, we need to look back and reflect before we can look forward.

September 2020

September kinda flew by didn’t it? Between work, and birthdays, and booking in as many blogging collaborations as possible, scheduling posts for October 2020 and December kinda fell back in priority, and so I’m not even sure what I got up to last month! There’s only one way to find out though…

What I Got Up To

Well the month started with Mum and Dad over in Edinburgh to visit Rachel. That was also the week I worked full time – the first time since the week of St Patrick’s day back in March which is kinda scary! But that week saw me out for dinner at my granny’s, working full time, baking some Christmas goodies so I could get a Blogmas post written, and just generally working on either my blog or my guitar. The following week saw me celebrate my birthday, over which I had a quarter-life crisis that I finally think I am over, and we tried a new restaurant in a nearby town, before finishing the week with a walk along the beach down in Newcastle, County Down. After that, the following week I went down for a day trip to Fermanagh to visit my cousin – except it turned into an overnight stay which was really nice! I got to spend time with her and her 6 month old baby for a change, and can’t wait until restrictions lift again enough for me to go back down. Friday was then Rachel’s birthday. So while she celebrated in Edinburgh, we had a barbecue in the back garden and had a drink for her. Saturday we were finally allowed to go watch some live sport at the local rugby club. We were socially distanced from everyone else, got to watch our team win, and even managed to catch some last-of-the-summer rays of sun! All before heading up to the north coast again on Sunday for more walks along the beach. The last full week of September saw me mainly just in work or working on my laptop, and again we spent Saturday at the local rugby club for another match.

My Goals

So reading back through that, you would be forgiven for thinking I had completely given up on my goals for September. Shall we have a look to see how I got on?

  1. Read 1 book
    I achieved this one! This month I not only finished my audiobook [AFF] of A Dance with Dragons [AFF], but I also finished reading Reflections of My Youth! So I’d count that as a success.
  2. Sell 6 ebooks
    Okay so I didn’t actually realise I had achieved this goal! That was a surprise to check. So thank you to anyone who has bought one! If you’re still contemplating Blogmas, or want to get your hands on a copy, then click here [ad] to be taken direct to my Gumroad page!
  3. Start planning Christmas presents.
    Okay so I semi started planning them? I mean, I got as far as figuring out who I’ve to buy for… At least that’s something, right? And I suppose… I mean, I’ve got one person’s present sorted. And another one I’m waiting for Black Friday deals for. And another again I’ve got part of a present. So that only leaves 3 people left to begin thinking about! Kinda proud of that!

Wow okay so that was more of a successful month than I expected! Did you think I was going to make it? Because I genuinely didn’t expect it! Now ahead to October 2020…

October 2020

October 2020

Now that we’re into the third last month of the year, I want to actually make something with it, if that makes sense? I know we all pulled the finger out and got things done during lockdown, but for some unknown reason it still feels like I’m just floating along in October 2020.

Plans For The Month

So October 2020 isn’t looking too busy. I have a week of leave booked for October 2020 and had been thinking about visiting Rachel and some other friends in Scotland, but the way things are looking that won’t be happening. In fact, it’s been kinda hard to make plans, or even think about making them recently. So much so that my calendar is completely empty for the month. Instead, you’ll probably find me working 3 days a week, taking day 4 to clean and visit Granny, and then the weekends will be a free for all. The joys!

Goals for October 2020

Well since September went unexpectedly well, shall we make a start on some October goals?

  1. Read 2 books – I’ve a couple of book reviews booked in for October so I neeeeeeed to finish reading them!
  2. Schedule some Blogmas posts – I’m not setting a number though, we’ll see where the mood takes us.
  3. Learn 2 Christmas songs on guitar
maple leaves on water
Photo by Max Andrey on Pexels.com

So there you have it! October is going to be a different month. I’m going to grab it by the horns and make something of it. What’re you planning on doing for October?


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