October 2019

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Happy Tuesday everyone, and welcome to the spookiest month of the year! Well, I say happy Tuesday but I think we can all agree Tuesdays are the worst day of the week. But anyway, a new day, a new month, and I for one am excited about it!

So this month I’m working the full month – a scary thought considering it’s been a while since that last happened! I think it was June was the last time I didn’t even have a day off? But no matter, because next month I have 2 days off to go to Warsaw with Rachel as part of her 21st birthday present! Actually I just realised I never shared that list with you… it’ll go on the agenda for this month definitely!


So now that September is over, I can honestly say that was the most tiring month I’ve had in a long time. The month started with Granny round for Sunday Lunch, alongside a lot of the usual Sunday things that always seem to take forever.  We were all finally back in the office together for the first time in what seemed like forever! The week ended with me on a half day and getting my hair done – the perfect weekend treat! That Saturday was my birthday surprise – tickets to see Ireland play Wales in the pre-rugby world cup friendlies taking place in Dublin – and a great day out! We left the house at 8am, and made it back for 9pm after an Irish win, some drinks in the sun, and a lovely meal at the Halfway House. On Sunday then we did the usual Tesco shop, and Mum spent a while in the kitchen.  Monday 9th was my birthday – the scary 24 – and I was in work as per usual.  With us being down to only 2 office staff (instead of the full 3 of us) it was busier than normal, but nothing too bad.  After work we were meant to be getting a Chinese takeaway for dinner but it ended up being fish and chips when we realised the local Chinese takeaway place was closed. Choir was busy that week, and to be honest the rest of the week passed without much happening. Then the weekend hit again and it was time to sort things for Rachel’s birthday.  Saturday morning Mum and I left the house before 10am to get started on the things we needed to do – that’s early for me at the weekend! Between shopping in Belfast, a stop in Lidl, a trip into Lisburn, then another visit to Tesco, we collapsed back into the house to have some lunch before heading out shopping again that afternoon.  Sunday was then spent cleaning, cooking, and out on the road again to sort more stuff for Rachel’s birthday, alongside a trip to Ikea. We went with the intention of buying one thing, and came out with about 20 things that we hadn’t thought we needed until we saw them and without the one thing we went for – always the way! Then I was in work Monday, and off Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tuesday was spent preparing for Wednesday, and finished off with a meal round at my granny’s house because my aunt was over.  Wednesday was then Rachel’s 21st birthday and it was a bit manic! We were all up around 8:30, Rachel opened her presents, and then we went hell for leather trying to get everything sorted on time for a family lunch with the 2 grannies and our aunt.  It was a good day, and I think Rachel had a good birthday! So on Thursday I was back in work, and Rachel’s friends arrived over for the party on Friday.  Needless to say, Rachel and I both very much enjoyed the party on Friday, and Saturday was started with a bit of a hangover… but we got ourselves sorted and up to the North Coast for the day and night! That night we had dinner in the Ramore Wine Bar, and drinks back in Neptune and Prawn.  Sunday morning everyone was up semi early to watch the rugby (Ireland v Scotland), and then we headed back down the road to Lisburn.  Rachel and her friends were heading back to Edinburgh that night so they caught up on Strictly, while I managed to doze off for a while.  Then last week was just work and the choir concert on Friday! But I’ll be covering that in Thursday’s post so that can wait.

 October 2019 Life With Ktkinnes

Now that we’re into October, I think things are slowing down a bit for a while! We have Rachel’s weekend away – her birthday present from me, mum and dad – and she doesn’t know yet where she’s going for that so we have to remember to keep it quiet.  But apart from that and possibly starting guitar lessons, there’s not much different! The Open University course I’m doing this year starts on the 13th or 14th (I should probably check that) but I’m looking forward to it this year!


September 2019 Goals

Let’s see how I got on with my goals for last month:

  • Read 1 book
    I did this! And if we are including audiobooks (which I am) then I actually managed to finish 3 books! They were the 3 in my What I’m Reading This Month post so I’m really proud of that.  Did you know that means I’m only 3 books off my goal for 2019 – it’s kinda scary how easy it was this year!
  • Get back to bullet journalling properly
    Well I kind of did and kind of didn’t.  The nights I didn’t work on my bullet journal, I used my journaling app so I’m going to count this as a win.
  • Write and publish all the posts I have planned for this month!
    So apart from 2 posts that I had wanted to post the week of Rachel’s 21st, I actually managed this! I could be down on myself about the 2 missed posts, but it gives me something to aim for this month instead.

October 2019 Goals

Now, looking to October, I want to achieve the following:

  1. Read 2 books – one for the OU course, and one for pleasure.
  2. Stick to my posting schedule for this month – hopefully easier now I’ve rediscovered Trello to help me keep on track!
  3. Start guitar lessons.  Dad’s friend has offered to teach me, and at the Friday party I drunkenly arranged for the guitar to take over from Choir now that it’s finished, so I suppose I should maybe stick to it!
  4. Start my Christmas shopping


What goals do you have for the month ahead? Or what did you get up to last month? Let me know in the comments below!

October 2019 Life With Ktkinnes

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