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Nuala Takes Over: A Guest Post

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Greetings people of blogland. In case the first sentence had not tickled your suspicions, I must confess that it is not Katie that is bringing you these words. It is in fact her favourite flatmate Nuala (disclaimer: this has never actually been directly quoted by Katie – yet).

The freedom of the Easter holidays and study leave has got to me, and the boredom that accompanies procrastination is slowly rotting me away, so Katie suggested I write a little thingamabob for her blog. Hence Nuala Takes Over. Until I sat down to do it, I assumed thinking of something to write about would be a piece of cake, but in the somewhat braindead state I am currently sat in, all I can think to write about is a little something about me – Nuala. So sit back, relax, and enjoy as Nuala takes over for a day.

First things first, I am from a little place just outside Aberdeen called Banchory. There isn’t much to do there other than consume large quantities of alcohol in the pubs and avoid being mowed down by the boy racers who like to waste their petrol driving laps around the village. I now of course reside in Glasgow, stuck in a flat with the motley crew of Katie, Jason, and Mary.

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Katie, Mary, Jason and Nuala in Disneyland Paris in Mary 2016

I never really wanted to come to university, but ended up picking psychology because I like Derren Brown (writing a personal statement on that basis was incredibly challenging). It was just something to do to prolong having to make proper grown up decisions I suppose. The entry requirements for third year psychology are gross so I might not even make it, woe is me. More time to sleep and eat though, amirite?

Another super fun fact about me is I have Coeliac Disease, aka I am gluten free. Basically I can’t eat anything containing wheat, barley, oats, or rye. It brings top banter to any attempt at a meal out, or other people trying to cook for me. It has got a lot easier in the last few years as awareness has grown, but I’m still waiting for gluten free doughnuts to come back (please Tesco they were a staple part of my diet).

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Another funky dunky lil thing about me is I was born with Cleft Palate. Essentially I was born without the roof of my mouth. Allow me to address the questions I imagine you have: no you couldn’t see my brain, no I couldn’t tickle my brain with my tongue, yes I have one now, and yes I did once get a coat hanger stuck in the gap. It’s weird, I know.

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Anyhoo that’s probably more than enough from me, so I bid thee farewell, perhaps we shall meet again.


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