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November 2021

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Well… who put their Christmas tree up today?? I haven’t, but there’s that excitement in the air today that only comes with the approaching of the festive season. But I have to remember. We’re only in November. However, can you believe we’re already in November 2021??

October seemed to both fly through and also drag. In fact, I think I could honestly say that about this year in general. And yet, here I am, still falling behind on Blogmas prep. What is wrong with me this year??

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However, as we start to look ahead to November 2021, I can’t help but look back on October with nostalgia. It was a busy enough month, and I’m looking forward to actually getting some sleep eventually.

October 2021

Furlough was over and I was back in the office full time. Like properly! Plus, I managed a full month without a breakdown over customers and orders. Which as anyone working within customer service would agree is quite an achievement given the problems at the minute. I had a hair cut this month, received and spent my Spend Local card, and had a good weekend in Fermanagh. There were also shopping trips, rugby afternoons, and guitar lessons, dotted in amongst the work-work and university work.

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I’ll be honest, it was busy and yet I currently couldn’t tell you a single thing that I did this month. You know one of those “woah where did the month go?” moments? I think I experienced that.

October 2021 Goals

Okay if I’m being totally honest, my goals were just to get through October. Not only was it my first full month of work since February 2020, but I gave myself Blogtober stress on top of it. Which, unsurprisingly, I failed at after the first 15 days. Can you blame me really? As I say, fully self inflicted, but still! Shall we look back at my goals for October 2021?

  1. Finish 2 Books
    I didn’t manage this at all. Well, I finished one audiobook. I was up most nights either writing posts or working on university stuff, and really my reading just fell down on the priorities list.
  2. Complete Blogtober, while posting weekly here
    Well I achieved the posting weekly part I suppose! But as we said, Blogtober didn’t work out.
  3. Start Blogmas Content
    Actually this one I achieved! My Blogmas planning is officially underway, and I cannot wait to get the posts written up. I have a couple of slots left free, but they’ll no doubt get filled promptly.

I feel like it was a complete failure of a month to be honest. But onwards and upwards!

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November 2021

Now that we’re into November, and this post is already late, we might as well get down to it. So this first week is looking set to be spent in work as always. I have Open Uni work to do, Blogmas to prep for, and guitar as always this week. The first weekend of November appears to be a weekend of Christmas shopping from what I can tell so far. The following week is another week of work, with Mum in Edinburgh, so then we’ll probably spend that weekend sorting her Christmas and birthday presents from Dad. *internally sings Be prepared to myself*

November 2021 Life With Ktkinnes

The next weekend is the main one I really am looking forward to… Christmas season is officially starting for me! After I finish work on Friday, we’ll be heading into Belfast for A Christmas Carol at the Grand Opera House and a meal out. Based on Dickens’ famous story, A Christmas Carol is being brought to life with beautiful music by Alan Menken (Disney’s award-winning composer). For an amateur production presented by the Belfast Operatic Company, I cannot wait to see if I enjoy my first ever opera. I mean, if it’s Christmas related then I’m sure I’ll adore it. Plus, I’m super excited to actually get back inside the theatre for the first time in almost 2 years if not over 2 years!

theater interior

And the final weekend of the month sees Mum away with some friends so I think Dad and I may end up pulling out the Christmas decorations just to make sure the lights etc are all working. I mean, that may be the plan but who knows with these things… Mum could come home to the decorations all up! Not making any promises that this won’t happen…

November 2021 Goals

With all this going on, again I have very basic goals this month. Ready to take a look at them?

  1. Finish 1 book
    Yup, we are aiming for one book in any format. Think we can manage that?
  2. Post once a week per blog.
    Fingers crossed this one actually works out…
  3. Schedule half my Blogmas posts
    It suddenly dawned on me today just how many posts I have to post between now and the end of the year. And that was more scary than the ghost film I watched with my cousin in September.

So there we have it! Plans and goals for November. Do you have any plans or goals? Let me know in the comments below, and let’s get through this together.

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