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November 2020

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I almost can’t believe I’m saying this but… happy penultimate month of the year! November 2020 is bringing some really exciting things (remember yesterday’s post?), and we’re almost into my favourite and yet most stressful time of the year!

With my book, Calm By The Christmas Tree, publishing today, I’m slightly nervous and excited for November 2020. Because apart from that and working a full week in the middle of November, I really have no plans! Which works well with the lead up to Blogmas to be honest. But we’ll go into that a little more in a minute.

October 2020

Is it just me or did October seem to go on quite a bit? I was just looking back through all the posts I shared in the last 31 days and am kinda shocked at how many there were!

What I Got Up To

Okay is it bad I don’t really remember the start of the month? Between work, visiting the grannies, and general housekeeping, the beginning of October flew by! Then on 14th October, our politicians in Stormont announced a circuit breaker lockdown. Schools were to close for an extra week at half term, and all hospitality, close contact services, and many entertainment places were to shut up shop for 4 weeks. It’s since come to light that the closure of these was never expected to make much difference to the number of new cases being recorded, but anyway those were the rules. So on Wednesday morning I phoned the hairdressers and managed to book an appointment for the next day before they were once again forced to close. There was no way I was going another 4 weeks without a haircut when it was already due to be cut! And then that night we went to our local pub for a last draught pint for a while. The following week, I was in work Monday to Wednesday, and then began my 7 day break from work, during which time I went to a pumpkin patch with Rachel, and basically spent a lot of time working on my Open University work and my blog.


  1. Read 2 books
    I managed this! I read Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble by Paul Cookson, Christmas With The Teashop Girls by Elaine Everest, and Killing for Company: The Case of Dennis Nilsen by Brian Masters! [AFF]
  2. Schedule some Blogmas posts – I’m not setting a number though, we’ll see where the mood takes us.
    I just about managed this! I got them scheduled in the last week, but it still counts!
  3. Learn 2 Christmas songs on guitar
    Umm…. no. I did however learn a new Taylor Swift song? And I can’t remember if I learnt Chasing Cars this month or last.

That’s not too bad. I achieved 2 out of 3 goals!

black scissors beside white calendar showing November 2020
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November 2020 Calendar

November 2020

So as I was saying, November 2020 is a bit of a hit and miss month. The exciting news that my first novel is being published today seems to be the height of the excitement. I mean, the fact I’ve added what TV shows are back and when onto my calendar tells you just how busy a month it will be! I have a day at Queen’s University as part of my Open University course in the middle of the month, and also have a full week in work, but that’s about it. I should’ve been at the Elton John concert on the 30th November, but as with everything else, that’s been postponed until next year now. So shall we set some goals?

vivid autumn leaves scattered on ground
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November 2020 Goals

  1. Post once a week on the blog.
  2. Learn another song on guitar.
  3. Get all my Christmas presents sourced if not bought!

What goals have you got planned for November? Are you beginning to get excited for Christmas?


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