New Flat = New Beginnings

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Hello! I thought I would sit at my new desk enjoying my new surroundings and write to you all. As the title of this post suggests, I moved into the flat today!

After waking at 5am, we were finally ready to leave for the boat at 6am. A short drive later and I was saying goodbye to Mum, Dad and Rachel for probably the last time until Christmas, depending on what the money situation is like in a couple of months. It seemed to take forever but we were finally allowed on the boat and so I made the usual dash to a seat in the restaurant with an electricity socket on the off chance I wanted to use my laptop. Breakfast the last time I was on the boat was a disappointment and so I swore off the beans on toast – the only ‘healthy’ option they serve at that time of the morning. In the end I bought a bacon and sausage roll and a cup of tea – £8!!! I still feel robbed even now… The only bright side is that the tea is refillable and you help yourself from the coffee kiosk in the middle of the restaurant. Trust me, I was going to make the most of that £3 spent on a refillable drink…  6 drinks later and I was finally happy with the cost of it. As the boat pulled into Cairnryan Port, I started talking to a Canadian woman who had recently moved to Belfast and was travelling to Glasgow to meet up with old friends. She was nice enough and kept talking the entire bus journey so needless to say I haven’t slept. When we arrived in Glasgow, we bid each other farewell and I approached the taxi rank. A few minutes later, I was outside my flat!

On arrival, I’ll admit, I was disappointed. Two of my flatmates were hungover and are still currently lying in their beds (this is now 6 hours since I arrived). We ordered pizza and so that is tonight’s dinner – not a good start to the New Flat, New Beginnings plan I had… That will start either tomorrow or Monday, depending on how tomorrow goes. I then decided to unpack before sitting down to apply for more jobs. Would you like to see my room? Also, if you’re in Glasgow and know of any jobs going – here’s someone willing to work!

I’m considering having dinner soon and then maybe going to see what everyone else is up to. It’s very quiet and I’m beginning to feel either lonely or bored, not quite sure which.

Hope you’re all well and that you’re having a good Saturday!

Will keep you up to date on the new beginnings routine.

Thanks for reading!

Ktkinnes xxx

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  1. Amanda Zoya

    Interesting. May have missed your earlier posts. Why exactly did you move to a new flat?

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