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Every year. Every year I tell myself “don’t get started on any new TV shows until after exams” and every year I do it. Enter Stage Right: Nashville.

When I was back at home, it wasn’t so bad. I had Lord of the Rings playing on repeat, sometimes throwing Harry Potter into the mix just so I didn’t get too bored of hearing the same 3 scripts over and over and over and over. Then I got to university and found myself blasting through the multiple episodes of 24. I saw enough of it during that exam season that I could tell exactly what episodes would have plot twists, what would be happening to Jack, and when it got to episode 3 of each series, and CTU thought they’d stopped the terrorists, I was rolling my eyes and shouting at the screen that they were all thick – I had another 21 episodes to get through before they were finished!

The following year, I blasted through How I Met Your Mother during the Christmas exams, and then restarted The West Wing for the summer exams. If you’ve forgotten how well that worked out for me I should probably redirect you to my posts from this time last year via the sidebar. I ended up with resits to do, and found myself watching Pretty Little Liars.

So then we reached this year. At Christmas, all anyone was talking about was a Netflix Original that was apparently very well done. And so I started watching The Crown over that one week of exams. But for once it just about worked! I swore to myself then and there that there would be no new TV until 19th May. Well I messed that one up…

During a couple of sleepless nights, I ended up getting back into Nashville. Mary had recommended it a few months back, and before Easter I started watching it. Then, over the Easter break I decided to just finish the first series. Big, big mistake. I won’t ruin it for you but there was a massive cliff-hanger in the last 2 minutes and then I had to go pick Rachel up from a friend’s house. So I suppose I did quite well, waiting 2 weeks to pick up again with season  2, but I also managed to get through it in 2 days…. whoops. And I’m now up to date with it all… 

The great thing about Nashville, however, is that a lot of the plotline happens through the songs and so I really don’t need to be watching it. And if you’re a fan of country music the way I am then it’s actually really good if you’re in the mood for something light! So what’s it all about?

The show takes us through the lives of multiple fictitious country music singers in Nashville, and stars Connie Britton as Rayna Jaymes, a legendary country music superstar, whose fame is beginning to fade, and Hayden Panettiere as rising young star Juliette Barnes. They both belong to the same label, and so see a lot more of each other than either of them would like. Rayna’s perfect little family isn’t so perfect (although her two kids are just adorable!) and Juliette’s life isn’t so great either. While I love them both, my two favourite characters are Deacon and Scarlett. Deacon used to work with Rayna and then changes over to working for Juliette for a while, and Scarlett is his talented niece. So we get a wide variety of performances and styles of music throughout each episode and that’s what I love.

My favourite songs from the show include A Life That’s Good, Black Roses, and Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet, which can be seen below!

Have you seen Nashville? Is it something you’ve absolutely no interest in?


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