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My Winter Wardrobe

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Morning everyone! It blogmas day 5, and to quite honest, while I love being back, I had forgotten how tiring it can be blogging. So I’m actually so pleased with myself for being able to successfully blog every day for a week.  But today we’re chatting my winter wardrobe, and what I would love to fill it with!

So tonight I have my last choir rehearsal before the Christmas concert, but before we get there we have a day of work to get through.  With it being the lead up to Christmas, work is crazy busy – we very nearly didn’t get putting the tree up this week! Another thing with work is just how warm it can get pretty quickly.  Deciding what to wear every morning, when you know you’ll end up sweltered later in the day, can be quite difficult! And my winter wardrobe doesn’t quite cater for that in between stuff.

Wait, I’m getting far too caught up in this post. I almost forgot today’s song! Now, I know a lot of people have issues with this song. And I understand. But it’s a Christmas classic, and it seemed very appropriate for today’s post. I went with this super cute version, just because of how adorable it is!

As I’ve already said, today’s post is all about what I wish was in my winter wardrobe.  I may have variations of it, but these are my few dream winter wardrobe additions. Some are work orientated, others are for those busy weekends when all you want to do is curl up in front of a fire.

Outfit 1

M&S Jumper with skirt
M&S Cable Knit Roll Neck Jumper £35

So the first outfit is a cross between a work outfit and a weekend one. The jumper is from Marks & Spencer, but I have no idea where the skirt is from. It looks great though! It would probably be too short on me, but I love the colours and style.

Outfit 2

M&S Cardigan with top, jeans and Scarf
M&S Super Soft Open Front Cardigan – £25

Okay so while I can’t really wear that shade of grey, I am in love with this outfit combination.  The layers would be perfect for in work or just day to day.  The scarf looks so cosy, I love the colours all together, and I just want a long cosy cardigan! To be honest, I would probably be more likely to go for the plum option, just because of my colouring, but I love it nonetheless. Plus, at £25 it’s a bargain!

Outfit 3

M&S Animal Print jumper and leather skirt
M&S Sparkly Animal Print Round Neck Sweatshirt – £25

How awesome is this outfit?! Definitely more of a going out outfit, and one I would love for my work night out (how is that next week?!).  Marks and Spencer are selling this animal print sweatshirt, and I have seen these leather look skirts in so many shops, so I may actually make this addition to my wardrobe if I get to M&S this weekend…

Outfit 4

Debenhams blue
Minimum – Blue faux fur ‘Alisha’ coat £180

This coat is everything! I love how cosy it looks, the colour is fantastic, and I think the length might actually be okay for me and my shape. I actually found this coat on the Debenhams website. And while it would be most likely just for those nights out or days out, I feel like I would live in this for the winter months.

What’s the main thing you would love to add to your winter wardrobe this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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