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My Weekend In Leeds

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Hello! I’ve finally got writing about my trip to Leeds with Jordanne a few weeks ago!



Back around January, if not possibly earlier, Jordanne asked me did I want to go with her and two of her friends to Slam Dunk Festival in Leeds at the end of May. At first I was hesitant, I didn’t know any of the bands in the line up, and to be honest they didn’t sound like the sort of bands I would listen to day to day anyway. However, I reminded myself that this year I was trying to do things to push me out of my comfort zone and so I clicked to buying the ticket. I was going to Leeds!


The months passed, and I actually forgot about it all, until one day Jordanne added me to a chat with the others we were going with and we started planning. Well, I say we, I sat quietly in the corner and let the others make all the big decisions, only piping up when it came to what suited us all individually. Before I knew it, exams took over life and all I could think about was the upcoming weekend away.


Friday 26th May saw my alarm going off at 7am and I was not a happy bunny. But after a quick shower and a little bit of Nashville music, I was awake and ready to board the bus! We all met at the bus station for a bit of breakfast, and at 10:15 the bus pulled out of the station – we were on our way! There was so much to talk about, the sun was shining, and spirits were high. After just an hour of travelling we were in Edinburgh (yes we went North to go south, we were equally as confused as you are now) and the first of my bad luck appeared. I had taken a yogurt in case I wanted to eat it on the bus, but somehow the yogurt had burst in the food bag and I had somehow smothered my top in purple berry yogurt which was beginning to smell in the heat. With my main bag under the bus, all I could change into was a zip up hoodie. Perfect for 28 degrees when the bus wasn’t bothering with aircon!
Eventually we reached Leeds after a bit of a delay and it was like we were on the continent! So flipping hot. Jumping in a taxi, we got to the hotel, checked in, freshened up, and headed out to explore the city and grab some dinner.
Friday night we ate in Nation of Shopkeepers, and, while we waited ages for them to pay any attention to Jordanne and Carey, the food was delicious! It was a nice little pub with good music and a good mix of options on the menu. There was even a beer garden out the back that was packed! Jordanne, Carey and I all had the southern fried chicken, while John had a beef burger, and the boys were unimpressed with me ordering a gin cocktail – who doesn’t like gin??

By this stage, we decided to find a shop to buy some alcohol and just head back to the hotel for drinks. Did you know there isn’t a cut off time for buying alcohol in England? Think that’s the one thing they’re better than Scotland for! A few games of Cards Against Humanity, Never Have I Ever, and we even watched Footloose on the TV, before we all crawled to our beds. Oh and Jordanne, if you’re reading this, what do you call an alligator in a vest? For anyone not Jordanne, for some reason this joke cracks her up every time!

Saturday morning dawned and thankfully there were no hangovers! After breakfast we all finished getting ready and headed into the centre for a bit of a walk. The second the boys realised we planned on shopping, they went off in search of a bar. New clothes and shoes were purchased, including a little present for Leon, and soon we were hungry and thirsty. It was coming up to 2 o’clock to be fair!
We found a pub that was showing the football and settled in to drink our cocktails (a Pop Your Cherry for Jordanne, and a Gin and Juice for me) and have some food. Again, we left the boys to watch football and enjoy their drinks while we took ourselves off to Lush and a few other little shops. it was a great day! Returning to the pub for more drinks, we met up with a few more of their friends and then headed to the Chinese takeaway place that they all remembered from the year before. Sore feet, tired legs, hunger, and heavy shopping bags didn’t really leave me in the best of moods though, so I was delighted to get to the seats, order food, and then hop in a taxi back to the hotel.
After an evening of card games, light TV, and yet more drink, we enjoyed watching Jordanne beat Carey in a fight over the cards (both of them came away with injuries though) and then just sat singing along to music until we all slowly fell asleep.


Sunday dawned and I was getting really excited to head into the town centre for some music! It seemed to take forever, but eventually we were all dressed and ready to go join the queues for wristbands. We saw some fantastic bands, drank quite a bit, and were just having a brilliant time overall! There wasn’t a band I didn’t like, and I was actually sad when the night ended, even if my feet were in agony and all I wanted was my bed. But I was still so happy – I finally felt myself reconnecting with music! Again that night we headed to the boys’ room to have a few drinks before bed, and it was a relatively quiet night – I think we were all tired out by this stage.


Monday came around and it was time to pack up. We left checking out until the last minute and went in for breakfast where we just sat until the busy bus journey back to Scotland.


It was an incredible weekend, and I was sad to say goodbye to everyone at the end of it all, even if it did mean I was getting to curl up in my double bed!



Have you been to Slam Dunk? Were you there the same time as us? Let me know below!


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  • Zoe

    Hey lovely, I’m glad you guys had a wonderful time the thing with the yogurt sounds like something that would’ve happened to me haha, I’ve never been to any music festivals but lots of gigs and I just love the whole atmosphere there and music is life ♡

  • Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

    It was such an amazing weekend! I really enjoyed it and it was great spending time with you all having such a laugh! Thanks for putting that joke in btw…. took me ten minutes to calm down haha. I can honestly say it’s one of the best weekend’s away I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to do it all over again next year! Xox

    Jordanne ||

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