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My Weekend – A Catch Up

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Hiya everyone! It’s Monday again, and I wanted to share my weekend with you all. I actually can’t remember when I last did a sort of summary/chatty post about my week or weekend, and with this weekend being my first time attending a bloggers’ event in Northern Ireland I thought there wouldn’t be a better time.So before we get to yesterday’s event and how much fun I had, Saturday was a great day! Waking up to the sun shining down on me from the crack in my curtains, I was ready to seize the day. Anyone else find that they’re more motivated to do things when the sun shines? It’s not a very frequent occurrence here!

After a quick breakfast and shower, Mum and I headed out for a morning of shopping. We’re on a mission to find something nice but reasonably warm to wear for the Saturday in Dublin watching Ireland play Scotland in the Six Nations. We’re in one of the corporate boxes for a birthday celebration, so we’re looking for something smart but casual – and preferably green! Hopping into the car after a quick coffee, we headed to Moira to look in one of the shops there. The sun was shining above us, and there was football on in the park, so parking was a little crazy, but it was nice to be out walking and shopping in the sun. Unfortunately, there wasn’t the sort of thing we were looking for in the boutique, so after a bit of a walk in the sun we jumped into the car to head across to Hillsborough.

A brief browse in Julie Elliott showed us that really all the summer clothes are beginning to arrive for some unknown reason – everything was too light in weight, and not really the colours we were looking for: pinks, greys, blues and whites. All quite pale, too.  With no success, we took a walk up to The Cheshire Cat for a quick look for a birthday present for one of the babies of the family. There were some lovely bits and pieces, and I found a stunning dolls house quite similar to one Rachel and I got when we were younger. Made me a bit nostalgic to be honest!

By this stage, it was lunch time and we were getting close to just giving up. A quick trip to Sprucefield saw a stop in Next where I loved some of the clothes, but they weren’t what I was looking for but I may head back for in a few weeks! A stop in Boots meant I finally got my hands on some false nails I’ve had my eyes on for months, and managed to replace my dry shampoo and redness relief balm from No7.  I was really looking for a DIY semi-permanent hair dye though, but of course they were restocking the range so that I couldn’t look. Do you ever have something just really put you in a bad mood? It seemed daft but the lack of hair dye, followed by then spending over £30 on 3 items, just really put me off shopping. Mum coaxed me into having a quick look in M&S and to be honest I’m glad she did! I found and fell in love with 2 skirts and a checked shirt that I’ll definitely be buying when I get back from Glasgow!

After lunch, we headed back out to have one last look in a few shops. T K Maxx in Lisburn moved into a newer bigger shop over the summer, but in my opinion it hasn’t improved. I tried on a few outfits but nothing seemed right, and I wasn’t in the mood to keep looking. On our way to another clothes shop, I stopped into a small pharmacy looking  for a lip balm and somehow found myself buying a hair dye! My day was back on track! A couple more shops with nothing in them and a dash home meant I could finally get dying my hair! I was back to being in a great mood, and felt somewhat confident in myself. We went to visit family, then out for dinner in one of my favourite restaurants in Lisburn. I’m actually thinking of going back again soon to write a proper review of it… what do you think? After we got home, we just watched some TV before bed, but I didn’t sleep the best.

Sunday rolled round, and I was so so nervous for my first NI Blogger Brunch that I had a disjointed night’s sleep and then woke at 5 without a hope of getting back to sleep. There was time for a bit of bullet journaling, watching a film, and to slowly get ready. Dad drove me down to Belfast and dropped me around the corner from the Bullit Hotel. Have you ever gone to a blogging event where you don’t know anyone or have a clue who’ll be there? I was so nervous, and ended up following a few girls in and chatting to them. They’d travelled from Derry so had been on a 7am bus – I didn’t envy them their journey! When we got inside the rooftop garden area, I was so busy taking in everything that I forgot to even find out who it was I was talking to! How awful is that?? But that was soon put right, and we all got chatting.

The morning flew by, with people taking turns to talk and share their advice for blogging, their experiences, or even just say “Hi, this is me, I blog about x y and z, and this is why I started blogging”. While all this was going on, the Benefit Ireland team were going round doing people’s brows if they wanted, we were having some amazing food, and a lovely cocktail! There was a flatlay workshop/competition trying to help us take better flatlays, with the winner getting a box of goodies worth over 200 euro! I really wish I could go into all the detail about the morning, it was brilliant! I’ve put my pictures from the morning down below, and I can’t wait to go to another one!

The afternoon was then spent catching up on TV and blogging, and generally a quiet afternoon – just what the doctor ordered!

What did you get up to this weekend? Let me know below!


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