My New Bedroom

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Can anyone else not quite believe we’re almost half way through July? Well it’s Saturday 11th, and those of you up earlier than me today may have noticed a tiny hiccup… but welcome to my new bedroom! 

It’s been a busy month, and as you’ve hopefully realised over the last few weeks, we’ve been having 2 posts go live a week. It’s meant I’ve been able to share the posts I’ve wanted to with you all, but also means that this post had to be pushed way back in the plans of what was going live!

If you remember, back in May Dad and I were painting my bedroom. I ordered some new furniture, and I had a load of prints to find homes for (thanks Lucy for starting your Etsy store!). I then set about making it a place I actually wanted to spend time rather than just needing to. So settle in, and I’ll take you on a tour of my new bedroom.

First up, we have to go in through the door. As you can see, the carpet is still the same and in dire need of changing, but that’s for another month.

Let’s start with the paint job. We always use a local paint mixer rather than buying from the likes of Dulux or Crown direct. It tends to be cheaper, and we find you need fewer coats on than if you were to buy direct! So I started off using the Dulux Visualiser app – you can take a photo of your room and then try different colours on the walls! As you can see in the photos below, I ended up going with “Neptune Seas” from Dulux for the walls. I then wanted a proper contrast, and what I love about the app is it shows you colours that you could use alongside whichever colour you’ve picked. As you can see below, I went with a pinkish colour (based off Dulux’s Copper Blush) for the skirting boards and door frames, and then painted the door to the under the eaves storage the shade Earl Blue (also from Dulux). I think the 3 colours go really well together!

My New Bedroom - showcasing the colour of the walls

Now because my furniture was predominantly white, and I needed a new desk and bedside table, I decided to go back to IKEA (online of course, we were still in full lockdown) and buy white. I mean, I had fallen in love with this desk [AFF] from Amazon, but I ended up buying the MALM chest of drawers – the set of both 3 and 4, because it’s the perfect match for the MALM 6 drawers I have that you can see in the photo above. I liked the MALM white desk, but it wasn’t available to order online, and so in the end I went for the MICKE white desk.  The final piece of IKEA furniture I bought was the VIKHAMMER bedside table in white. It fits snuggly between my bed and the drawers, and to be honest it looks great! Well, I’ll let you see that for yourself in a minute. Back to the painting…

While Dad and I were painting, I decided that the window frame would be the same Earl Blue as the door into the eaves, and that I wanted to paint the white shelves that were in the room when we moved in. These were also painted in Earl Blue, but I painted the front of them in the Copper Blush just for a contrast. The only thing we still have to do is touch up the white gloss of the actual window, and maybe buy a blackout blind for the room! Let’s just say the bright summer mornings are not agreeing with me right now.

Before I take you on a proper tour, I wanted to show you the “before” and “during” photos. I think we did a pretty good job. We got the paint on a Tuesday and painted the ceiling that day, and by the following Sunday we were finished painting! I just then had another week to wait to get my furniture, and then longer to get my bedding and a new chair to match the room.

And now for the big reveal!

Oh! I forgot to mention – the new desk chair came from B&M Bargains for £10! But that’s my new bedroom, and I’m delighted with it. As I said earlier, the only thing that would make it perfect would be a new carpet and a new blind. But beggars can’t be choosers, and now the days are on the turn again it just doesn’t seem right to spend £100 on a new blind and probably a good couple of hundred pounds on a new carpet.

Thank you for joining me for the tour of my new bedroom! I hope you like it as much as I do. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “My New Bedroom

  1. Boomer EcoCrusader

    It looks lovely. I really like the colour scheme. It’s very calming.

  2. childrenoftomorrow

    Loved how you decorated it. Beautiful and cozy 🙂

    COT |

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