My Morning Routine

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Hello again everyone! How’re things going with you all? I’m absolutely shattered between work, blogging, and everything else, and mornings just aren’t the same when your alarm clock is going off at 6am. But today’s post is all about what I do before I start my day!


If you know me, you know that I can’t stand little notification circles staring at me from my phone screen. So of course this means I have to deal with them all before I do anything else. My morning routine on my phone starts at the back and works its way forward.


Starting in the Blogging folder of my apps, I always check my Twitter and Instagram Follower Trackers to see who has followed or unfollowed me in the last 24 hours. The apps I use to do this are TwitFollow and Followers+.


After this, I check Bloglovin’ to see which of my favourite bloggers have new posts live for me to read!


Next, it’s time to catch up on Snapchat. Now, I tend to not actually get snaps sent to me, but I love catching up on Stories and the likes!


Onto Instagram now to post the day’s picture, scroll through the ever irritating algorithm making sure to like photos posted, and then flick to the Bloggers Tribe Instagram to check on our notifications from the day before, and then check to see if there’s a photo ready to post on the shared account.


Timehop comes next! I’m currently on a streak of 163 days in a row, and I hope not to break it any time soon! Anyone who doesn’t use Timehop and doesn’t actually know the brilliance of it – this app connects to your social medias and takes you back through time to look at your tweets, statuses, and photos from that day previous years. How else would I be reminded of the fun twitter chats and funny pictures?


By now we’re onto the main page of my phone screen, and the last 4 apps are the big ones. Twitter comes first. This is dangerous territory though, as Twitter can suck you in and never let you go. I check my notifications, read any messages, and try to reply to the ones that aren’t going to take too long. Next I head over to BloggersTribe and try to catch up on the retweets, mentions, and messages, as well as tweeting out to say hello to everyone online at that time.


Next it’s over to Facebook to clear any notifications from there. I don’t really use Facebook anymore, but it is good for driving traffic to my blog so I try to keep up with it.


Finally, I check both of my email apps, and note down any I need to reply to! Then, if I still have a little time left, I’ll go back to Twitter and kill time until I really need to get moving.



Do you have any routines for checking social medias etc in the morning? Or any apps you simply couldn’t live without? Let us know below!

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