My Letter To Santa

My Letter To Santa Life With Ktkinnes
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And on the 3rd of December, we write our Santa letters!

But before I can sit to write my Santa Letter, what film do you reckon is going to show up on today’s Christmas Movie Countdown?

If you guessed National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989) then wow what a lucky guess! I’d love to hear if any of you have actually watched it, because that’s the film I’m watching today! Shall we watch the trailer?

Okay I can’t be the only one who thinks this looks like actually quite a good movie, can I? So join me watching it tonight! Although, there’s also the Bloggers Tribe Christmas Movie Night tonight, so come join us on the account to watch The Santa Clause starring Tim Allen! This is probably my favourite Christmas film ever.

But I’m getting off topic! Back to Santa Letters.

Isn’t getting the kids to write their Santa letters one of the best parts of Christmas? If it isn’t just adorable, then at least it means all parents get a rough idea of what they should be encouraging Santa’s elves to pick up from the stores! We always wrote our Santa letters after bonfire night, but made sure to have them done before the first of December.

Rachel and I would sit watching hours of tv, claiming it was research on the top toys of the year, and any time an ad came on we would argue over which of us saw it first and who was going to get it as a present from Santa. Then we turned to the Argos catalogue, each with a piece of blank paper and a pen. We were told to write down the name, page number, article number and price – just in case Santa’s elves couldn’t make it and he had to ask mum and dad to pick it up from the shops for him! Our letters then had to be typed up and saved on the computer, before we sent them up the chimney to Santa. The tears one year because Dad sent them up at the same time and we thought Santa might get them mixed up! It would’ve been a nightmare if Rachel got my favourite Bratz doll and I got hers…

My Letter To Santa Life With Ktkinnes

Well, while the days of writing to Santa may be over, Rachel and I are still asked to make an ideas list for our parents, and this then gets passed on to any relatives that still send us presents. I really miss the days of writing a letter to Santa, and so that’s what today’s post is!

Dear Santa,

Hello again! It’s me, your little bit of Christmas Cheer Throughout The Year! Now that it’s coming up to that special day (and your busiest nightshift of the year), I thought I should write to you with a few suggestions for my stocking this year.

No one ever warned me was that you could still be judged and laughed at for being excited for Christmas as an adult! I’ve missed getting to enjoy and discuss the magic of Christmas with you. How are Dasher, Dancer, Donner, Vixen, Cupid, Comet, Prancer, Blitzen and Rudolph? I’m still saving up those carrots Mum tries to feed me at dinner so I can give them to the reindeer! Did you and Mrs Claus get away for a summer holiday this year? I thought I might have seen the two of you in Turkey, but I guess that’s a little too warm compared to what you’re used to. If you ever fancy a break, Glasgow rarely reaches above 15 degrees C so you’re welcome to come visit!

I would like to hope that I have been good this year. I promise I tried my best! On the off chance that you agree with me, I thought I would write and ask for a few small presents this year. The main things I would wish for can’t be made by your elves unfortunately, so I won’t bore you with them. If possible, I would like

  • Any book – you know me well enough to pick a good story! I’m currently loving all classics
  • Pyjamas – a girl can never have enough
  • Sock – same rule as above. These can be fluffy or normal.
  • Calendar
  • iTunes voucher – yes I’m still using these.
  • Bubble bath and bathbombs
  • Contact lenses – those things are expensive if you can only wear them for a few hours before having to bin them!
  • Outfit for Christmas Day or New Year
  • Someone to pay the next 3 months of my weight watchers plan
  • Candles
  • No7 liquid bronzer

As always, these are just a few suggestions and you are more than welcome to pick and choose from them!

I really have missed our annual chats. The mince pie and coke will be on the coffee table by the door. Dad still suggests giving you a whiskey to keep you warm but you don’t want to be caught driving under the influence of alcohol!

I’ll always believe,

Katie B.

What’s on your Santa Letter this year?

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9 thoughts on “My Letter To Santa

  1. withanoceanviewblog

    Oh wow Katie this letter had me grinning like a silly person. Your letter was so lovely and made me chuckle a few times. Mia is still a little young to write her letter to Santa but I remember I wrote to Santa one year and I got a reply Christmas morning and there was a grey hair on the plate of half eaten mince pies, in his reply he apologised for not eating all of them because he spent quite some time replying to my letter. That only made my belief for him stronger. haha! I hope my girls grow up believing like that and I hope you get every thing on your list! xox

  2. ktkinnes

    Haha I always did try to make santa laugh! It seemed like such a hard job reading every single child’s wish list! Awww that’s so cute!! We had one year Santa forgot to cover his tracks. We didn’t have a chimney so had a special key for him to come in through the front door. He parked the sleigh on the driveway and the reindeer left their hoof-prints and santa tracked snow in on his boots! Mum wasn’t pleased about snow in the good room, but I was so excited by it! I miss the magic of believing 😞 and thank you! xxx

  3. Kirsty-Louise Bates

    This was so lovely to read Katie! Honestly, had me giggling. Got me thinking about what my son will ask for and say when he starts writing his letters to Santa, what age did you start writing them?

    Merry Christmas, all the best. Kirsty. X

  4. ktkinnes

    Aw thank you! I did hope it would make people laugh 😂

    I think I started when I was 4 or 5! But back then I was cutting out pictures from a catalogue (with those safety scissors!) and sticking them on a page! I do remember mentioning my baby sister Rachel though so that’s why I think I was that young!

  5. thatmummarocks

    My two have just wrote out their letters to Santa and they still do what I used to do! Get out all the catalogue’s and circle each thing that you want which usually ends up being the whole of the toy section! I’m so glad you asked for socks in your letter…I love receiving socks at Christmas 😂xx

  6. Lisa's Notebook

    Oh, the Argos catalogue, I miss those days! And we have a key as well because our chimney is capped off. Love this letter, Katie, it really made me smile! I hope you get everything on your list X

    Lisa |

  7. ktkinnes

    Thanks Lisa! I feel like if I chose stuff from the Argos catalogue now it would be mostly home stuff 😂

  8. Writing Sparkle

    Great Santa letter, I got a chuckle out of the driving under the influence part. As for the list that tends to go with letters to Santa I find that my kids write the list and then change their minds 9 thousand times as the month progresses and they see commercials or talk with friends. It is still lots of fun. Great post, thanks for sharing.
    If you get a chance check out my letter from Santa post.

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