My Latest Netflix Addiction: White Collar Life With Ktkinnes

My Latest Netflix Addiction: White Collar

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Happy Tuesday everyone! With trying to ease myself back into regular blogging, I found myself wondering what is one thing I could talk for hours about at the minute? So anyone who knows me even a little knows I tend to spend my evenings watching Netflix, and as such there is always a lot to say about my latest Netflix addiction; White Collar.

Recently a lot of shows I started watching a while back have made a return – Suits, You Me Her – and of course with Glee being added, I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the week to keep up with everything. Never mind rewatch some old favourites like Russian Doll and Orange Is The New Black.  But, most importantly, I have become addicted to White Collar – have you watched it?

A basic White Collar summary from me is:

Neal Caffrey is a former con man forger and all round criminal.  Peter Burke is the FBI agent who caught him and put him in jail, but now he needs Neal’s help. As Neal helps Peter catch criminals with the White Collar division of the FBI, the two learn whether or not they can trust each other as friends as well as partners.  Throw in the rest of Peter’s team, his wife, and Neal’s best friend (who also happens to be a criminal), and you have one of the best crime solving teams in New York – according to their stats anyway.

My Thoughts on White Collar

Neal, acted perfectly by Matt Bomer, is as suave and sophisticated as Barney from How I Met Your Mother, but while he may have Barney’s charm, he at least doesn’t have his morals for when it comes to sleeping around.  Well, not quite.  In the first episode, we learn that Neal went to prison and left behind his girlfriend Kate, who broke up with him suddenly and unexpectedly without explanation.  Even though Peter urges him not to look for Kate, Neal can’t help himself and is quite the lost puppy without his one true love.

Peter, the brilliant Tim DeKay, is the perfect counter to balance Neal.  Loyal to his wife, besotted with his job, and keeping an ever watchful eye on Neal and “Mr Havisham”, Peter is a character you can’t help but love from one episode to the next.

White Collar cast - my latest Netflix addiction

When I first started watching, I wasn’t entirely sure whether we were meant to trust Neal.  I mean, a convicted criminal working to catch other criminals? And let’s just say Neal doesn’t keep things strictly to the “legal” side of the line that shouldn’t be crossed, often endangering his freedom and Peter’s career.

As you move from one series to the next, the friendship between our two main characters develops from one of work partners, to almost brotherly, to Peter becoming almost a father figure to Neal when he needs it.  The FBI become Neal’s family.  But as the saying goes, a leopard can’t change its spots.  Will Neal double cross them eventually? Or has that been the plan all along? All I can say is while I’m writing this, I’m just 4 episodes into the penultimate season and I’m still not entirely sure which side Neal is on!

Now while I love the two main characters, there are 3 “subcharacters” for want of a better word that I am in love with.

Mozzie – Neal’s sidekick, and also the brains of most of the operations.  Neal is smart, but Mozzie is a million times smarter. Oh, and he has a good taste in wine.  If Peter is the angel sitting on Neal’s shoulder, Mozzie isn’t quite the devil, but he certainly doesn’t try the hardest to keep Neal on the straight and narrow.  He’s eccentric, loveable, and the perfect sidekick for any main character.  To be honest, if someone made a spin-off show based around how Mozzie met Neal then I would be here for that!

Next up is Sara.  We meet her a little while into White Collar, and when we first meet her she immediately dislikes Neal.  It turns out he is the main suspect in a case of stolen art work, and Sara works for the insurance company that had to pay out a huge claim.  Acted by my all time favourite Hilarie Burton, Sara had me from the second she appeared on screen.  She comes in and out as a character, and I absolutely love the plot lines involving her.

Finally, and it is certainly not because she is the least favourite of the 3, but Diana. Diana we meet in the first episode, and I loved her from the first moment her character kicked Neal into touch.  His flirting isn’t going to get him anywhere with Diana, but the two of them play the couple that much when undercover, it’s hard for them to not have developed some kind of friendship.  Diana is a “takes no nonsense” kind of person, is straight up, and will tell someone exactly how it is regardless. And I love her for it.  There definitely needs to be more of Diana in this show.

My Latest Netflix Addiction: White Collar Life With Ktkinnes

All I will finish off with is – there are 6 seasons, they’re all currently available on Netflix UK & Ireland (at time of writing), and I have been recommending it to anyone who’ll listen.  It’s almost like Hustle meets Suits meets Castle if that makes any sense.

If I haven’t convinced you, then try out the trailer below.  And I will disappear for the day!

Speak soon!


  • Jordanne | ofaglasgowgirl

    I was so thrilled when you told me you were watching white collar! It’s an amazing show with such amazing characters that you just fall in love with, definitely a binge worthy show that leaves you wanting more, if only it didn’t end! *crying emoji* glad you’ve been enjoying it 🙂

    Jordanne ||

  • Lindsey

    Ooh this sounds really good! I’ve just finished a couple of things so been looking for my next show to binge and this has definitely just made the list. I love the development of the relationships and how you’re not quite sure whether Neal can be trusted or not! Great review!

  • ktkinnes

    Aw yay! I hope you love it as much as I did 🙈 I’m kind of stuck on what to watch next since I’m waiting for Suits to end before I start it… might have to rewatch White Collar!

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