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My Ideal Student Home

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So recently I discovered Pinterest and have slowly been figuring it out! Still not quite there but I’m working on it and hopefully another few weeks will see me actually understanding what it is I’m meant to be doing.

But it got me thinking once again about what I want my own little place to be like while I’m still finding my feet in the world. I wrote a post a while back all about how I’m ready to live on my own and have the place just how I want it (found here). I’ve been thinking more and more about it recently, to the point I even sent Jordanne a link to a place I’d fallen in love with, and I got excited thinking about all the different things I can try out. So I’ve decided to turn it into a mini series for this month at least. With each week, I’ll post about how I would decorate each room and anything different I would do. However before I even get there I need to tell you about my ideal student home for the next academic year!

In my mind, I imagine myself in either a flat or a small bungalow or house. Again, this all depends on location and price and what’s actually available for me to move in to. I would prefer a biggish kitchen, especially considering the size of our current kitchen! Not too big that it would do a family, but not that small that I’m cluttering the place up. Off the kitchen, I would have a room that I could use as a dining room for if I had people over, or for if I chose to treat myself sometime. While I would prefer these to be two separate rooms, open plan is fine by me! As long as I can hide the mess of my Christmas dinner when the time comes, I don’t mind. In a separate room, I would like my living room. Again, it doesn’t have to be all that big! But just big enough that I could have friends around for a movie night or a catch up.

This is where things differ slightly. If in a small house, I would love to have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. One bedroom would (obviously) be mine. The bathroom would definitely have a bath in it! Of course, (quoting Meredith Grey here) “I just want a tub that is deep enough to cover my boobs and knees at the same time.” but at this stage I would happily accept any bathtub that is offered – I miss my baths! Finally, the second bedroom would be a guest room slash study, but I’ll go into how that would work when I come to that room in its own post.

So the above is all for my ideal student house. Let’s face it though, unless I can commit to some serious travel time, I’m more likely to be staying in a flat. In which case, read below to find out what I would most like!

Two bedroom flat with separate kitchen

Again, either a reasonably sized kitchen, or an open plan kitchen-dining area. If I had to sacrifice my dining area, I would like a good sized kitchen that’s big enough to put a table for 4 people in – just so that I could have people over for dinner and not be sitting in the living room. So yes. Either an open plan kitchen-dining room with a separate living room, or a bigger kitchen and a living room I can split to have a dining table in. Again, I would love to have a two bedroom flat, if money allowed it. Depending on the kitchen situation, I would either make one of the bedrooms a livingroom/study room, or have it as a guest bedroom slash study. Again, a bath, double-glazing, and a decent kitchen are must-haves!

Two bedroom flat with open plan kitchen-living room

If you were designing your ideal home while living as a student, what would you have it look like? Are your plans the same as mine? If only finding a flat was as easy as it is on The Sims!

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