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My Holiday Bucket List

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It’s almost the weekend! While I love my work, I’m just so excited to be done for the weekend because once again I have plans. So today we’re chatting about what is essentially my holiday bucket list – all the things I want to do before Christmas comes and goes!

Have you ever stopped and thought about a holiday bucket list? I actually only came across this a few weeks back, and since I saw it it’s all I’ve been able to think about. It’s got me really excited for Christmas, almost as happy and bouncy as today’s Christmas countdown song!

Isn’t it just such a bouncy happy song? I’ll probably be humming and skipping through the office today now that it’s stuck in my head.

If I wasn’t in work, and could spend all the money in the world, my holiday bucket list would be very different.  But today we’ll just have to settle for my top 10 that I would love to achieve.

  1. Go to a proper carol service.
  2. Go ice skating
  3. Have a mulled wine in a Christmas market
  4. Christmas baking
  5. Watch a Christmas film each day
  6. Join a random secret santa
  7. Tour the neighbourhood and see everyone’s Christmas decorations
  8. Wear a new Christmas jumper or dress each day
  9. Visit a european Christmas market anywhere other than the UK
  10. Make a Christmas Eve box for everyone in my immediate family and spend Christmas Eve in.

What would be on your holiday Bucket list?

My Holiday Bucket List Life With Ktkinnes

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  • Tracy

    These all sound like wonderful ideas! I also have been trying to watch one Christmas movie each night! I would love to know what a Christmas Eve box is! I have never heard of that before!


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