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My Glasgow Weekend

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I’m back again! Well, I got back on Sunday, what I mean is it’s another new post day! And we’re getting closer and closer to the beginning of blogmas… I feel so unprepared this year! Better get to it… but today I’m here to chat about my Glasgow weekend.

I can’t believe it’s almost a week since I flew to Glasgow for a brief weekend away.  Friday afternoon I left work slightly early to drive as quickly as possible (within the speed limit!) to the airport.  I don’t know if any of you have actually flown from Belfast International airport, but security can be a nightmare, there aren’t enough seats for flights to be delayed, and the duty free is quite small. But I love getting up on time to take a walk around and see what deals there are.


The weekend was great – relaxing, time to catch up with friends, and just what the doctor ordered. Well, the doctor would probably have prescribed a little more sleep, but then again I just spent so long chatting that I could barely keep my eyes open!


We chatted, and walked, and shopped, and walked, and drank – both alcohol and coffee! Lots and lots of very good coffee. I learnt that everyone needs an Echo Dot because Alexa is so useful for anything and everything, including learning what sounds different animals make! It did help when I hijacked her to play both Westlife and some Hannah Montana… although I don’t know if the others appreciated it haha.


So while I could go into the ins and outs of what I got up to, I just thought it would be easier to share some of my favourite photos from the weekend with you.


Welcome Sign
Lucy and Paul left me a cute welcome sign and a mini Christmas tree beside the bed!
Walking amongst the cloisters at UofG
Me, trying to get a candid photo of Lucy
There was a wedding car sitting under the arch and it just looked so pretty!
Another image of the wedding car
The flagpole at the university
Finally the scaffolding is down around the tower!
My favourite skyline
Observing the water and enjoying being in Glasgow
This view in Kelvingrove. It just never gets old.
Two of my favourite people
Pitstop for hot chocolate
Lucy and Paul taking a rest at the top of the hill, just to sit and enjoy the view.
Another view I will never get tired of
Photo credit to Lucy, and the first time I’ve seen myself from the back since I started Weight Watchers!
Photo credit to Lucy again for the only photo of the 3 us from the weekend
Final photo credit to Lucy – I love how autumnal my hair looks here!




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