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My Dream Kitchen Life With Ktkinnes
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Haha okay so my plan had been to have had this mini series running through April but I kind of got distracted with revision and life and everything that’s been going on around the place, so we’re finally getting round to it. Before we begin, all these pictures have been taken straight from the websites selling the items, just a little disclaimer.

Some of you may have read my post about what I’m looking for in an ideal student home (which can be found here –> My Ideal Student Home) and in it I explained how the kitchen is my favourite part of a house. It’s like the heart of a home. The kitchen is the one place I have to keep clean and tidy. I need enough room to be able to have several courses on the go at once, and still have enough room that I don’t feel over crowded or in a state. So my ideal kitchen. This post is kind of like a wishlist, kind of a ramble.

So, as I said above, my ideal kitchen would be pretty big. Yes, I’m aware I am a student on a student budget but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream, does it? Contrary to most bloggers, I don’t dream of marble worktops – I struggle to make sure it’s clean! However I do love white cupboards and drawers, no matter how difficult it is to keep these clean. My main decision for my dream kitchen is whether I would want to go sort of full country cottage kitchen, or white modern and shiny. As a bit of a compromise, I therefore think my ideal kitchen would have wooden doors on the cupboards and drawers, with cast iron handles. I was looking around online and found that John Lewis have a fitted kitchen planning tool, so that’s what I used to find out what my worktops etc would look like and cost.

kitchen worktops john lewis
U-Shaped worktops using the Richmond door style in the light oak colour, with cast iron know and shell handles, and ambrosia white granite surfaces. Units and doors come to £8255.

Okay I’m not going to lie, I actually fell a little bit in love with that kitchen planner tool – so many options to choose from! So now that we’ve established that, I would have to say that I need need need to have lino on the ground. I would love to have wood or tiles or stone, but the amount of things I drop this just would be impractical. So again, I would probably match the colour of the lino to the ambrosia white granite worktops, or get it to tone in with the walls – which would probably be Dulux Kitchen Mint Macaroon Matt Emulsion seen below.

wall colours
DULUX KITCHEN MINT MACAROON MATT EMULSION PAINT 2.5L costing £22.93 per tin from B&Q. Prices shown are price at time of writing

Another dream of mine would be to go back to a gas cooker. And I would probably have this on the worktops, with a separate upright oven to one side. So really the oven in the picture above isn’t quite right. However, I would have the gas hob where that oven is, and put an upright, high up oven at the end of the counters. An electric fan oven would be perfect, with a gas hob. Having had 3 years of the electric hobs at university, I’m ready to get back to quick and easy cooking! Another thing I would love is one of those free standing fridge-freezers that are side by side instead of one on top of the other. I think what I’m thinking of is sometimes described as an American Fridge Freezer? One with the water dispenser in the front, mainly because I just don’t like the taste of the tap water here in Glasgow. Now, if they could design one that provided sparkling water that would be the dream! But for now I would settle with this one from Currys:

fridge freezer
Samsung RSG5UUMH American-style fridge freezer – Manhattan silver. Price at time of writing this post £1149.99

In my kitchen, I would like to have a nice little fold in and out breakfast bar. We used to have one when we were younger, and Rachel and I would’ve eaten at it for breakfast or our early dinner – that’s how young we were. I would love something like this breakfast bar shown below but in the same light oak as the counters. The shelving would be pretty useful for storing herbs and spices, and maybe even have a few of the herb plants that you can buy! There’s nothing better than growing your own, so that would be my plan. I’d also probably have my cookbooks and a few photos on those shelves. Cue all the cute Pinterest diys!

breakfast bar
Brent Foldaway Breakfast Bar found on Currently unavailable so unsure of the price.

I already have a pretty good coffee machine, however my dream coffee machine is one of those ones you can either link to your phone or set on a timer to make coffee for the minute you wake up. This one (see below) from would be absolutely perfect because it uses actual coffee beans instead of the ground stuff you can buy in shops. How much easier would mornings be waking up to the smell of coffee wafting through the flat? And alongside this, I would love to have a bread making machine like this one from Lakeland that I could set up at night and wake up to fresh bread. Might need some homemade jam to go with this but these two and a microwave are definite must haves!

coffee machine
coffee machine
Smarter Coffee from selling at £179.99
bread maker
LAKELAND WHITE COMPACT 1LB DAILY LOAF BREAD MAKER. Priced at £64.99 and makes a 500g loaf

I think all my utensils would have to be black, white, or silver, including the kettle. My pots and pans and things would be kept hidden away in the cupboards but I would love to keep some cute Pinterest worthy things out on display, along with the little ‘tea’, ‘coffee’, ‘sugar’, ‘rice’ etc pots sitting on the side. One thing I would definitely have is one of those family planner calendars. I may be living on my own, but I would use the different columns for university, social, what’s going on at home, and then bills or important dates to do with the flat.

What would you have in your dream kitchen? Or do you already have your dream kitchen? Let me know!

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8 thoughts on “My Dream Kitchen

  1. JellyWithTheBelly

    Like you KT, my dream kitchen would be huge – my current one is the size of a postage stamp. I’d love a side by side fridge freezer but I just don’t have the room. I love the Mint Macaroon paint xx some really great, inspired choices.

  2. Annaleid

    I love your dream kitchen!! The wood details are so beautiful still light and spacious!! Love it!
    xoxo Annaleid

  3. Holly

    The mint macaroon colour is just so fresh and all the bits you want to add to your kitchen are really lovely. Make your dream a reality babe xxx

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