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My Dream Christmas Wish List

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Does anyone else get asked for their Christmas Wish List every year? Whether it’s a parent asking, a spouse, or whoever it may be, the list you give them most likely isn’t your perfect dream Christmas wish list. That’s what I’m sharing today!

Well you just know the first thing on my Christmas Wish List has got to be snow. A white Christmas. And a proper downfall of it – not the skimpy scattering we can sometimes get. A proper Dickensian Christmas. ALthough they were going through a mini ice age when Dickens was writing about white Christmases, so I guess we’re going the wrong way for those…

But yes, apart from snow, I do have a few things that I would ask for if I knew that money was no issue. My dream Christmas wish list I suppose.

  1. A little house in Lisburn
    I know the exact one I would want, and it’s actually one reasonably close by. It used to be in the family, and while there’s no parking near it, I would love to be able to buy it (or be gifted it for Christmas!) and move in. I already know how I would decorate it. I’d be close enough to Mum and Dad without them calling in every day, I could walk into town, or take a walk through the local park daily. Driving to work wouldn’t be the worst, even if I would be right beside a school. I just… yeah there’s a certain house on my dream Christmas wish list.
  2. A campervan
    I don’t know why a campervan, but I would love one! I think it’s the fact I could travel anywhere, and yet never leave home comforts too far away. And I could bring wish list item 3 with me everywhere…
  3. Two puppies
    The reason I’m going for two here is because I wouldn’t want one to get lonely while I was at work! I still haven’t decided what kind of dog to be honest. I want to say Cocker Spaniel, but I know they could never come close to being like Baron, so I guess I’ll have to think that one through a little more before I add it to any proper Christmas wish list.
  4. A ticket to travel the world*
    *And the money to do this without worrying about work haha! No in all seriousness, I would love to travel the world.  I think we all know I have certain parts of the world I would love to go to every week if I could, but I want to see the world.
  5. Laser Hair Removal
    A weird one, but it’s on the list. Along with corrective eye surgery so I could get rid of my glasses once and for all! Actually, I just remembered I need contact lenses… We’d better order them…
  6. Tickets to every musical on in The West End
    First on the list would have to be Les Mis, closely followed by Wicked. The others can come in any order after that.
  7. Tickets to the Royal Ballet
    I would love to see both a proper opera and a proper ballet, but right now I couldn’t tell you what.

What would be on your dream Christmas wish list? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Vox

    Wow! Love your list. We had already started working on my dream list, but it would be to keep traveling the world and learning about new cultures. It would be to got on a writing retreat, where your sole purpose fir being there is to create some beautiful new art. Actually, that’s been on my list since I was a teenager. If it was at a vineyard,then it would be even better.

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