My Decorations 2017

My Decorations 2017 Life With Ktkinnes
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They are here! They are up! And my flat is beginning to feel that little more festive! For the 2nd time in 3 months, today I welcome you into my little home to see how I’ve decorated for the festive season.

I will be honest, I wanted to do more to it. But money’s a little tighter than previous years, so I just made do with what I’ve gathered over the last 3 years. If anyone has any old decorations they no longer want, email me for an address to deliver them too! Hahaha I joke of course… but do I? Of course I do.


So since I’m already feeling pretty festive, and it’s a Sunday, I’m going to cook myself a mini Christmas dinner (a roast) and curl up with a film tonight! But the real question is… which film? Well the next one on the Christmas Film Countdown is…



Scrooged is actually another Christmas film I have never seen before! Like I’ve seen other versions, but not this one! So I think I’ll watch this this afternoon, and snuggle up for I’m A Celebrity tonight!


So yes, my decorations. I’ve actually not really added to them this year, but I did want to show you them in my new flat!


If you have any questions about where anything’s from, or if you have any of the same, then let me know in the comments below! I haven’t much in the kitchen (just my Frosty the Fridge magnets again which you can see here from last year), and I’ve nothing in the guest room (oh the horrors, I don’t even have Christmas bedding for in there!) so they aren’t in the pictures. But I hope you like my mini Christmas haven!


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11 thoughts on “My Decorations 2017

  1. thepressuresofsociety

    Loving all the Christmas vibes! Blogmas is shaping up nicely!!

  2. Sapphire Moon

    Your flat is so sweet! I love that you even decorated the bathroom; that’s dedication!
    Tree is looking beautiful and I love your bedding. Not really one for festive sheets but I’d be quite tempted by that set…
    Saph xx

  3. ktkinnes

    Aw thank you! Haha you need a decorated bathroom! It just makes a room! The bedding is from Debenhams last year! Dogs in Christmas hats 🙈 thank you for the comment! xxx

  4. Reema Patel

    I LOVE this. Can I like live in your house?! Totally love the Santa toilet seat cover hahaha – so funny. I’ve found a few of those bits myself in the stores so have them but wish I had more. We literally have no decorations up, and it’s super upsetting!! I’m not here for Christmas day though so family think it’s pointless 🙁

    Reema |

  5. ktkinnes

    Hahaha well there’s a spare bedroom if you want it 😂 it’s just not decorated! Aw no that’s so sad!! Christmas decorations aren’t just for Christmas Day! I’m starting a petition for your decorations to go up! xxxx

  6. ktkinnes

    Aw thank you! They’re for Life With Ktkinnes 🙈 I wanted them for flatlays and then didn’t take any haha!

  7. Charlene McElhinney

    Omg wow you are definitely in the Xmas spirit! Even decorating the loo – haha I love it!!!

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