Mum’s Birthday 2019

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Okay so I can’t lie – the only thing getting me through this morning is that this time next week is Christmas Eve! So happy Tuesday everyone! It’s another day closer to Christmas, and this one is always a special day in our house in the lead up to Christmas.

Today is Mum’s birthday! And with that comes gifts, plans, and the general feeling that Christmas is well and truly on its way to us.  Every year, the day after Mum’s birthday is when we first properly begin to feel Christmassy.  With only a week left until Christmas, we start to put together the lists – what needs done, what still needs bought, who’s doing what and when, anything that can be put on a list is! Although that’s just me trying to make sure everything goes smoothly.


But as I was saying, today is Mum’s birthday, so of course we’re celebrating it the best way you can on a Tuesday.  Of course, Mum arranged to have the day off work.  And while I kept meaning to ask to take a half day, I kind of forgot to until yesterday so…


This year, Rachel, Dad and I have grouped together for her main present – a new iPad.  Mum’s iPad decided to die back in November when I was in Inverness with Rachel, and to be honest she’s been suffering without it. She’s been saving up and planned on putting her birthday and Christmas money together to buy one in the new year, so now she can spend her money on treating herself!


As well as our joint present, Mum will have another small present from Dad to open.  I was with him when he bought it, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was! So I’ll come back after she’s opened her presents and update you all here –>


So as I was saying earlier, Mum is off today. Plenty of time for her and Dad to figure out setting up the new iPad.  I don’t know for definite what they plan on doing with their day, but I’m sure they’ll get up to something fun.  Granny’s then going to come to the house for a couple of hours to see Mum and give her her birthday present.  Then as I was saying, I forgot to ask for a half day before yesterday, so I’ll be finishing work at 3:30 and the plan from there is to go to the cinema to see Last Christmas and then go out for dinner. Or the other way around. To be honest, I’m not quite sure which way round the plan is right now.


A continuation of the celebrations, and a lead in to being off for Christmas, we’re going to the Waterfront Hall in Belfast on Thursday night to see The Magic of Christmas. So I’ll have a little write up about it coming either Friday or Saturday this week.


So overall, those are my plans for the day! Are you up to anything fun or different? Let me know in the comments below, and I hope you all have a good day whatever you get up to.  I’m going to try and get an extra 5 minutes of sleep before my alarm goes off, so I’ll speak to you all again tomorrow for blogmas day 18!

One thought on “Mum’s Birthday 2019

  1. Cesca

    Ahh! Happy birthday to your mum!

    Sounds like a well thought through plan – my mum and I are planning on going to see either Cats or Frozen 2 on Monday so I can’t wait for my own little cinema trip soon!

    Today I’ve got another boring Tuesday at work, although I finish at my current company on Friday before starting the new job in Jan so everything’s just going extremely slowly! Christmas party tomorrow then meeting up with my new company for drinks on Thursday!

    Have a great day xx

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