Mum and Dad’s Decorations

Does it scare you that we’re currently 7 sleeps away from Christmas Day? I’m so excited and yet scared at the same time! What am I meant to do with myself when Christmas is over? I never think about that until it’s too late. Almost makes me lose my Christmas spirit before we’ve even reached the top of it.


Today, I wanted to take you on a little tour of my family’s Christmas decorations, so I hope you enjoy them! I could only include some, however I will (hopefully) let you see them all soon!


5 thoughts on “Mum and Dad’s Decorations

  1. I love your mum and dads Christmas decorations. I have that Disney Bambi ornament on my tree and a Pocahontas which I love. When we were growing up my mum had the entire tree covered in them which was always so nice. x

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