Morning Thoughts

Mornings are always the time when I think most clearly it seems, whether it’s 2am or 10am. This morning when I woke I had another of those moments when you’re unsure as to what day it is or the time and that got me thinking – why do we care about what day it is? What makes a Tuesday slightly better than a Monday even if what you’re doing that day if the exact same? And if the sun is up and bright, should we not ignore our body clocks and get up with it? These are just some of the morning thoughts I’m having today.

This morning I have now been awake since 4:30 due to first of all the sun and secondly the little bird that sits in the guttering above my room. He chirps away quite happily come rain, hail or shine and part of me envies him that.

I’ve always thought humans are the superior race, there are so many ways to prove this. However when I look at my dog, I can’t help but wonder when people decided that we should complicate our lives. Today I woke up to find my dog sitting staring at me the way he always does, wanting some attention but without making a sound.

All my life I have been reminded about how once I woke up I would cry and get my parents up because I wanted their attention, didn’t we all? So what is it that is different about humans to animals that we have an inbuilt desire to make ourselves noticed? Jean Piaget’s theory of egocentrism could be used to explain this; maybe to some extent we never fully decenter, i.e. become no longer egocentric. Is it possible that we become too involved in our own self worth as we work our way through the trials of life?

For one, why do we assume that what we have to say is so important and interesting to other people? When starting this blog, I thought to myself “No one hears the ordinary things, I will write about myself and people will be really interested.”. Why is that? Because possibly some degree of each of us clings to the hope of egocentrism, the hope that someone somewhere does only care about us and what we are doing. If you fancy reading more of my thoughts and feelings thought, why not read some of my more rambling posts like A bit of a ramble or follow me on twitter?

In the space of these morning thoughts being shared on the blog, the number of times I have used the word “I” is 14. That mightn’t seem that much but as part of my goal for today, I will try to put others first in all aspects of life.

Will let you know how it goes!

ktkinnes x

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