Month 9

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Wow okay what happened to August??


We’re sitting here, the first day of September, and I am currently on the boat heading back to Glasgow.  This time? This time it’s a little different, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

How are you all? I have actually missed this so much – my, my laptop, a candle burning beside me, and the anticipation of a new post and how it will be received.  Rachel actually pointed out to me over a week ago how long it had been since a new post went up, but I decided to “relaunch” in September. What do you guys think?


August was a strange month. Once again, I welcomed in a new month in a bed that wasn’t mine.  We were on holiday in Turkey, and that was a strange holiday. I got half way through writing that post when we got home, but look out for it over the next week or so as I return to blogging.  While in Turkey, we shopped, sun bathed, swam, and just tried to relax for a while.  While we were away, Rachel stayed home and had quite a bit of hassle between one granny being ill, the other being around quite frequently, and Baron’s health went downhill very quickly.  So we were speaking to her every other day to keep up with her and what was going on back in Northern Ireland. We took a day trip to Rhodes, where we explored the old town, and I managed to burn through some of the euros I had been saving for Paris… whoops! The holiday was a good break, especially with working full time this summer.  However, we got back in the early hours of Friday 11th August, and had to have Baron put down that day. To be honest, I’m currently sitting crying again, so if you don’t mind I won’t get into it properly, or say much about it, just that his quality of life wasn’t there, and his tail was wagging the entire time we sat in the vets. Moving swiftly on before I get too emotional to keep writing.

Mum and I came back to a very busy week in work, and there was so much needing done that we both ended up working all the extra hours we physically could before collapsing into our seats in front of the tv each night. We were back less than a week when Rachel’s A Level results came in and today she’s moving in to her new flat in Edinburgh Napier. So between 17th August and today, we have all been busy trying to get her ready to move, and get me ready to move too. Oh! Another thing I forgot that happened – the night we got back from Rhodes, I got a message from the girl I was meant to be sharing a flat with to say the flat had fallen through and I needed to find somewhere else to live. Let’s just say I was rather annoyed and leave it at that. Thankfully, I found a flat fairly quickly, and will now be living alone in a 2 bedroom place – just what I’d hoped for at the start! Also, with no longer going back to university (hence the new tagline) I have been looking at full time jobs, and will be starting a new course in the college in February, only if I don’t completely fall in love with whatever job I get! Everything’s changing and I am so excited to see where this new chapter takes me! Even if the financial side of it all is terrifying me…


I think that’s you up to date on everything that happened this month… If there’s anything else, I can let you know later!


September is gearing up to be quite a busy month.  Today, Rachel and I move into our respective new homes. Tomorrow, I’m moving all my stuff out of storage and into my new flat, so I may be a bit quiet! Sunday, I’ll be heading to Edinburgh to collect Rachel, then we’re going to Dundee to see that side of the family. Our cousin, Rory, has been away in China for a year teaching English to children there, so we’re having a belated 18th birthday slash welcome home party for him before he starts university in Stirling a week after Rachel starts her midwifery course. Before the party starts, the four of us plus Rachel’s boyfriend will take a drive to Forfar where we plan on scattering Baron’s ashes at the loch we used to walk him round as a pup. I’m then staying the night in Dundee, while Rachel heads back to Edinburgh to start uni the next day.  Monday, mum and dad will be coming to Glasgow with me to help me furnish my new flat! Very exciting. At the end of the week, it’s my birthday! So there are some plans being suggested for the Friday night, Jordanne and I are seeing Blood Brothers on the Saturday night, and then the Sunday we fly off to Disneyland Paris for a couple of days! Then when we get back to Glasgow the race will be on for me to find a job. Who knows what the rest of the month will bring, but I really want to arrange something with all my uni friends as soon as possible before their schedules become too busy.


August was a weird month for so many different reasons, so how do you think my goals went? Do you even remember them?

  1. Read at least 2 books!
  2. Lose 4lbs
  3. Make the most of being home!

Well, I managed to read 3 books this month, and am almost finished my 4th! Although I suppose that’s now technically a September book. Again, I know I am so far behind on my reviews… I have notes made on them, and half posts written, but they will go live soon hopefully. But! I have achieved my reading goals for this year! I’ve even managed to read an extra 1!


I surpassed my expectations with my weight loss this month – in the 2 week all inclusive holiday, I managed to lose 5lbs! I then managed to lose a further 3lbs the next week, which means I have officially lost over 2 stone this summer! In fact, I had my final summer weigh in last night and am proud to say I have officially lost ___lbs this summer! I wonder how well I can keep it up in Glasgow?


I definitely think I made the most of being home.  I spent time with family, slept as best I could, and actually really enjoyed the last few weeks. But I’ll be honest and say that 48 hours without them now will be nice. I love them but it’s definitely been a long summer.


September has always been a strange month for me, so when I sat to write my goals for the month I had to take a long think. That’s why I’ve gone with these:

  • Read 2 books – I missed reading when I got back from the holiday, so I’ve decided I want to read 25 pages a day. Just to remember the small things I love.
  • Lose 4lbs in weight – Every time I see that “new stone” appear on the scales, I’m delighted knowing I have done this myself through my own decisions and I haven’t regretted a single day so far! But I want to be realistic because of Disney and my birthday, so that seems fair what with my average weekly loss being 2.5lbs at the minute.
  • Get a job – this is more a necessity than a want… so fingers crossed!
  • Socialise with my friends as frequently as I can – I don’t want the fact that I’m no longer at uni to stop me seeing my friends and speaking to them.
  • Get back to my blogging – you have no idea how much I have missed pouring myself into my writing! So be prepared – Katie is back and she is ready to get posting properly again.



Do you have any goals for the month? Or what have you got planned? Let’s get a discussion flowing again!


Love, as always,


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  • withanoceanviewblog

    Yay Katie is back! So glad to hear you have a had a good/busy summer, so sorry about Baron! You need you send me your address to your new home so I can send you a little new home gift 😀 Also your weightloss has been going amazingly, I’m so inspired by you right now seeing your progress has got me back on track to lose the rest of my weight!

  • Sophie Lilley

    I really enjoyed reading this post and very much look forward to the next 😍😃 I think I will start setting myself monthly goals; I like this idea, thank uuuu.


  • ktkinnes

    Aw thank you! I just find they really help me stay focused through the month, even if it’s just a few small goals! Thanks for subscribing 😁 xx

  • Sophie Lilley

    I think it’s much needed! A small achievement is better than nothing and keeps the positivity 😃 xx

  • ktkinnes

    Haha thanks Zoe! And it was your weight loss that inspired me to start back a while ago! Just took me a lot longer to get results 🙈 but we can do this! 💪🏻 xxx

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