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Month 5

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Okay I really can’t believe we are sitting here on Monday 1st May. This year has been passing far too fast and I just can’t cope with how quickly my 3rd year of university has passed. Thank goodness I’m repeating second year and so have at least one year left!


April was a little bit of a confusing month, and it was the second in a row that I hadn’t woken up in my own bed. I started it waking up in Mary’s house in Southampton, Mary was very hungover and Nuala and I were feeling quite fresh. So we had a quiet day then headed out for food mid afternoon. I went to Mass with Mary’s family (there’s a first time for everything!), and actually quite enjoyed the service, before we went for a carvery in the afternoon and then to her uncle’s that night. I headed back to Glasgow on the 3rd and was back in Northern Ireland before 8:30am on the 4th – man was I tired! My time at home was spent seeing family, doing the odd bit of revision, going shopping, and just generally enjoying the Easter break as best I could. Oh, and I saw Beauty and the Beast for the 3rd time… But I came back to Glasgow on the 21st and have spent so much time revising that I really haven’t done much this month. Two exams out of the 5 have been completed, and I feel like they’ve gone okay – at least better than last year’s! The flat hunting has properly started now, and I need to arrange viewings etc but it’s hard to do when your mobile has no signal and your landline calls are quite expensive.


May looks set to be slightly more interesting though! Yes, I have 3 exams to sit, but we also have a flat lunch planned for the 19th before we all leave to go home for the summer, and then we’re out that night to celebrate the end of exams with the rest of our friends! Then the following week, I’m heading to Leeds with Jordanne and a couple of her friends to go to Slam Dunk at the end of the month! So excited for that, even if I’ve never heard of the majority of the bands!


Now, Aprils goals were the following.

  1. Revise for at least 2 hours a day
    I actually have managed this! Well, I gave myself Easter Sunday and the Thursday after my exams off, but apart from that I’ve been pretty good at sticking to the revision plan.
  2. Read one book.
    Okay no I haven’t managed this. I didn’t read at home as much as I wanted to unfortunately. However, I am still on track for my 2017 reading goal!
  3. Post once a week here
    I’ve managed it! Okay so I have had a few guest blog posts, and there are more coming this month so keep your eyes peeled! But overall I’ve been alright at sticking to the rough schedule I have.
  4. Put more effort into my Instagram
    I had been doing okay with this, until I found myself posting more on the Bloggers Tribe account than on my own. Maybe I should do an Instagram challenge this month… Actually I should probably Google that and see if there’s one I could do!


So there we have it, can we call that 3 out of 4? I fully achieved 2 goals, and half achieved the other two so I’m calling that a 3 out of 4. May’s goals are slightly different:


  • Find a flat for next year – I’m only in Glasgow until the end of this month so I need to get this sorted asap!
  • Read a book – just to keep on track of the reading goals! I never did get round to writing my review on Melancholy Mind either… that’ll hopefully go up soon! Just need to set aside another blogging day to write it.
  • Revise for 2 hours a day
  • Post here once a week
  • Post on Instagram 15 times


Do you have any goals for May? Share them with me below!


  • jodiedcmitchell

    This year is going ridiculously fast! I love a good instagram challenge, it’s been forever since my last one, I wish I still had the time! x

  • Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

    I am super excited for Leeds at the end of the month! It’s going to be amazing to say the least, gonna have a blast! You’re going to smash your goals this month, you really are! And you’re going to ace all your exams because I have faith in you!

    Jordanne ||

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