Month 11 Life With Ktkinnes

Month 11

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Eeeeeek 2017 is almost over! And now we’re back for a look at how October passed, and what I hope November has in store for me. Have you got yourself a cuppa yet?


October started off brilliantly. I ran out of gas, and my gas supplier couldn’t figure out what was going on. After 4 hours on the phone, they finally gave me a solution to try, but I had to wait a good few hours before I could try it. In the meantime, I got a phone call from one of the recruitment agencies I had spoken to – I had a job! Didn’t even have to interview. What started off as a bad day didn’t turn out too bad in the end! A few days later, and I was boarding the plane with Jordanne to go to Ibiza for a week! You can read more about our travels here, but I can tell you I had an amazing time, and it was perfect being back in my favourite country! When we got back from Ibiza, there was a lot happening. I went to the SmashBurger Glasgow VIP event and a Body Shop VIP event with Jordanne, we went to the Glasgow Good Food event, I started working, I had family over for the weekend, and I finally got to see friends and have a catch up!


November is also lined up to be busy, but that’s with reviews, blogging schedules, working full time, and preparing for Christmas. Will we ever have a quiet weekend?


As for my goals I set in October, shall we see how I got on?


  • Read one book – Actually, the book I got reading wasn’t one of the ones I originally planned on reading, but I still managed to read a book! It was Christmas At Woolworths, and the review went live yesterday! You can check it out here.
  • Post here 4 times a week – I succeeded! I managed to stick to my schedule! Do you think I’ll get it done over the next month? FIngers crossed, because blogmas is just around the corner!
  • Find a new hobby – Okay so this one didn’t happen because I genuinely didn’t have the time to! Although I did start working so I suppose that counts? Who knows!
  • Start working on blogmas posts! – I now have a couple sorted, as well as half my November posts semi drafted! Keep an eye out for their emails appearing in your inboxes!



November’s goals are a bit similar, but I do want to change things up a little:

  • Spend at least 1 hour a week with friends – I feel awful that I haven’t seen my uni friends properly in ages, so I want to make a point of meeting up where I can.
  • Read one book – I need to see how many books I can read this year! So it does help that I have a few more reviews coming up this month. What’re you reading this month?
  • Keep my blogging schedule – some of you may have noticed that actually this post is going live earlier than my posts have been recently. That’s because I’m slightly altering my schedule. Don’t worry! You’ll still have 4 posts a week (hopefully) but they’ll just be around longer for you to read!
  • Use a hair mask once a week – I haven’t used a hair mask since I left the old flat… Probably back before Leeds! So with working every day, and therefore washing my hair more frequently, I feel like I need to treat my hair more often.
  • Lose the next half stone – Okay so October wasn’t a good month for my weight loss and to be honest I’m not entirely sure why. It’s not like I didn’t lose weight, I just didn’t lose as much as I’d hoped to! So this month I really want to push myself. If I could reach my next mini goal weight before Christmas then I’d be delighted! However to do that now I would need to lose an average of 2.75lbs a week… but nothing’s impossible!


So what are your goals for November? Have you any plans for the next few weeks? Let me know below!

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  • withanoceanviewblog

    Congratulations on your job Katie, I’ve been so inspired by you recently it’s wonderful. I don’t have any November goals apart from not giving up and deleting my shop crawling into a corner and cry haha that’s my only goal and if I succeed I’ll be very happy.

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