Month 10

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Is it just me or did September fly by? Feels like I barely settled into the flat again and now October is here and I’ll be jetting off again! We really are into the days of warm fluffy jumpers, cosy socks, heavy blankets, and every hot drink imaginable. What’s your favourite part about this time of year?

 Month 10 Life With Ktkinnes

September marked a new start for me. On the very first day of the month, the 4 of us piled into the 2 cars a bit like the Hillbillies and set off for Scotland – one car to Glasgow, and the other to Edinburgh. I got moving into my new little flat, had an early birthday night with Jordanne, and began to panic about how this would all come together. The next day, we moved stuff in and the flat began to feel a little more homely. However, I didn’t have long to get used to it before I headed to Dundee to catch up with the Scottish half of the family! Following this, I had mum and dad staying for 4 days to help me get moved in. They left on the Thursday, and by Saturday I was ready for my birthday! It was great! A little odd not seeing any family, but Jordanne and I went to see Blood Brothers, and we had a great night.  And the next day? Oh yeah, we flew to Paris for a mini break to Disneyland Paris! Loved every minute of it! When we got back to the UK, I had Rachel over for the weekend as her birthday is the 18th September, and by the 19th I was exhausted. However, the job hunt was ongoing in the background of all this! On the 23rd, I had Mary, Nuala and Jason over for a mini flat warming, and then the rest of the month passed pretty quietly (except for a few interviews), but I think it was certainly needed!



So yes, September flew by and now we’re into October. This week is going to be busy enough, what with flying off to Ibiza with Jordanne on Saturday morning! Although timings mean it’ll still feel like Friday night, so really I’m just going to be shattered. But, it does mean I get a full week of relaxing on the beach, taking lots of pictures, and hopefully catching up with some old friends! When we get back, I have just under 2 weeks to prepare for Mum, Dad and Rachel landing in for a weekend, and in the middle of all this I am honestly going to try and post more frequently on the blog!



September’s goals were straightforward. Shall we take a look at how I got on with them?

  • Read 2 books – Well… yeah no this was a little more difficult than I expected. Did you see how busy September was? I got the 2 books read, literally finishing the 2ns one last night after Strictly, so keep an eye out for my review of By The Sea and The Mirror Crack’d From Side To Side!
  • Lose 4lbs in weight – On 31st August I went to my Weight Watchers weigh in and was told my weight. Yesterday, I jumped on the scales and found out I’ve lost 8.5lbs this month! That makes my total weight loss so far 42lbs!
  • Get a job – this is more a necessity than a want… so fingers crossed! Hopefully hearing tomorrow about one!
  • Socialise with my friends as frequently as I can – I have been trying to do a little bit each week. It’s hard to find a time/day that suits everyone, but I did make a point of seeing someone at least once a week. Otherwise I’d have ended up talking to my dog doorstop!
  • Get back to my blogging – While I didn’t get straight back into my posting routine, I did make a bit of a comeback, and now I’m ready to commit again!


As for October, I’m trying to think of what is feasible. My aims for this month are to:

  • Read one book – I will be taking a book or two to Ibiza with me, so hopefully Jordanne will let me get some reading done!
  • Post here 4 times a week – I have a posting schedule sorted for the month, and I plan on sticking to it this month! Stay tuned to see how it works out…
  • Find a new hobby – what’s a great way of meeting new people? Getting a hobby! Fingers crossed this one works out…
  • Start working on blogmas posts! – I have started to work on them a little, but I need to start getting a grip on the next couple of months.


What are your goals for the month? Did you achieve any of your September goals?



6 thoughts on “Month 10

  1. abbeylouisarose

    From reading your list of September goals, it sounds like you’ve had a really fantastic month, which is really impressive considering how busy you’ve been with moving house and heading off to Disneyland! huge congratulations on your weight loss, I’m sure you’re looking amazing and feeling great too! best of luck with your October goals, I will be interested to hear what new hobby you decide to pick up!

    Abbey 😘

  2. Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

    September definetly did fly by….. it was gone in a flash. Why would I not let you get some reading done? You’re an adult, you can read if you want lol Haha good luck with finding a hobby, it’s always good finding something that makes you happy and connect with others

    Jordanne ||

  3. ktkinnes

    Haha we may be having too much fun for me to remember my books 😂 I’m trying to pick which ones to bring and I just can’t find one that looks right for the holiday 🙈

  4. anoceanglimmer

    Woow and I thought my September was busy! I am soo glad you’ve had a great month lovely also, I wish you all the luck for the job search. I know how hard it is!! But I am more than positive you can achieve it, I am really looking forward to October myself, some great things happening in my life.

    Gemma |

  5. rebekahgillian

    Wow! I thought my September was busy with it being my birthday month and returning to college for my third (and thankfully, final) year, but you’ve made it evident that there was more time in the days! It sounds like a highly active month for you, with moving and going on a mini-break to Disneyland Paris, so I think it’s amazing you managed to achieve your September goals! Good luck with October.


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