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Monday Morning Life With Ktkinnes
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Hello hello hello! Happy happy Monday everyone! How are we all today? I’m in such a good mood! It’s Monday morning, and I’m ready to take on the world.

I thought we’d keep it short and sweet this morning. It’s been a while since I wrote a simple weekly update post, and while the last week hasn’t been that busy, I just wanted a ramble.

It’s been a long week I think. Especially Monday. Monday became a very productive bank holiday. Being awake from the early hours, I got through a few things I needed to do on my phone, and then went down for breakfast. Within 2 hours of being out of bed, I had ticked 4 things off the to do list, and it just seemed to be getting longer and longer. But I managed to get stuck into it again after lunch and soon nearly everything was done! After dinner, we sat down to watch Coronation Street, University Challenge, and the new series on BBC One – Bodyguard. It’s brilliant! Have you seen it yet? That night, we went to bed around 10ish and got ready to head back into work on Tuesday.

Tuesday in work passed pretty quickly, however it was the afternoon I was most excited about! After work, I drove straight round to the local cinema, and had dinner with the family. Rachel got to choose which of the restaurants we went to, and we had a good meal. Afterwards, we went to see Christopher Robin! I won’t say much here, because I plan on having the review go live next week – stay tuned to read it! Afterwards, we went home, and had a good time watching TV and chatting.

On Wednesday, Rachel was out for the evening, so Mum, Dad and I had a catch up on TV. To be honest, nothing much really happened on Wednesday.

Thursday came around, and it was time to go to Weight Watchers after work. This week I managed to lose another 1.5lbs!  But then it was time to go home, relax with a nice dinner, and start the weekend. Yes I still had work on Friday, but Thursday is always the start of my weekend. Thursday night meant a lovely dinner, a night of TV, and a little bit of blogging before bed.

Friday came around and after work it was Jazz Train time! Now, for anyone who has never been on the Jazz Steam Train before, let me explain it a little for you. You get on the train in Belfast Central, and are taken on a mystery journey. There’s a bar onboard that sells food and drink, but we all took our own picnics. The train stopped three times, and each time we all piled off to listen to the jazz and have a bit of a dance. It was a great night! We got home just after midnight, had a nightcap, and headed to bed.

When Saturday morning dawned, bed didn’t want to let me get up. Because it was Rachel’s last weekend with us, we ended up trying to get her sorted to head back to Edinburgh. That afternoon, we ended up in Belfast City Centre to do a little shopping, and on Saturday night we piled into bed.

Yesterday was busy in its own way. With us heading away this week, we’ve spent the last few days ironing, packing, and getting everything else done on time for going. Granny came round for dinner, and so the afternoon had been spent cooking and baking. Then last night we watched Game of Thrones to try and catch Rachel up with where Dad and I are up to.

So now that that’s you all up to date, I’ll love you and leave you! What’ve you all been up to recently? Let me know in the comments below!

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