Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas Movie Watch-Along 2020 Life With Ktkinnes
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Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas Movie Watch-Along 2020

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Happy happy Tuesday everyone! I’m absolutely shattered this morning – not too sure my eyes wanted to wake up today. But that might be the fact that I stayed up half the night watching my all time favourite Christmas movie from when I was a kid!

Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas Movie Watch-Along 2020 Life With Ktkinnes

In a throwback to last week’s post – Christmas Movie Magic – I decided to opt for a family favourite from my childhood. Especially considering I’ve been working my way through the Netflix selection of films just to find the perfect Christmas Movie for today’s watch-along. In the end, I opted for a film from Disney+ – Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas.

About My Christmas Movie

The run time is approx 1 hour, and it’s a fab little film for all the family! I remember watching it as a child in Scotland, and it still brings me that warm fuzzy feeling. The below is taken from the back of the DVD, which I naturally bought some stage while I was at uni. Student budgets – perfect for buying the essentials with!

Disney’s biggest stars shine in a macigal all-new movie – sure to become a holiday classic! Mickey, Minnie, and their famous friends Goofy, Donald, Daisy and Pluto gather together to reminisce about the love, magic and surprises in three wonder-filled stories of Christmas past.

In the fine tradition of Disney’s superb storytelling, Minnie and Mickey recall the year they both gave up what was most important to them for the sake of the other, making for one unforgettable Christmas. Goofy and Max retell when they experienced a series of hilarious but season-shaking events… until a visit from the real Santa made it a most magical holiday. Thinking back to when they wished Christmas was every day, Donald’s nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, remember their dream turning into a comical catastrophe, eventually learning what true holiday spirit is all about.

Featuring the entire cast in a finale of merry, magical Christmas songs, all the excitement of Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas is ready to unwrap for holiday family fun!

Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas Movie

My Christmas Movie Watch-Along

So now that we’ve covered what the Christmas movie is all about, I guess it’s time to press play! If this is your first time reading one of my Christmas movie watch-along posts, it’s basically a record of every thought I have while watching the chosen film. Why don’t you put it on too and see if you have the same thoughts throughout the film?

Let’s get started!

Aw I’ve already got that festive tingle just watching this! And I love that the christmas movie hasn’t been improved in quality – it’s like I’m watching it on my VHS I used to have!

Christmas Movie Mini Film 1

Oooooh story one – I wish it could be Christmas Every Day! Am I the only one who hated Donald Duck as a child? His voice reminded me of my uncle! But I love this story.
And I agree kids – Christmas is the best day of the year!
Imagine having to wait for the family to arrive before you could open your presents? Rachel and I would’ve died waiting!
Ah here are the family already, that’s good. And I’m sure the boys would’ve loved social distancing to avoid those hugs and kisses!
Christmas dinner is the best. Although I still find it weird the ducks are eating turkey… like.. is that not a little…?
Bedtime at 9pm? Yes please! I miss heading to bed at a reasonable time…
Hahaha that would be my reaction – tears at it being over for another year. What do I mean would be, that is me!
Hahaha I love the chipmunks!
I just shuddered at how wet and soppy those kisses were….
And here we go with day 3 of Christmas… do you not think they could wait to open their presents by day 3?
And they keep ignoring the Christmas card!
Hahaha “You can stop Christmas now! Please!” still makes me giggle!
Aw that water balloon was mean!
Why do these ducks only wear tops and no trousers?
Well that didn’t end well, livening things up!
Hahaha scuba gear!
Oh no! The turkey is still alive! That wouldn’t be a good way to eat your meal… and the poor piano! WHy is Donald Duck always so grumpy though?! He ruined Christmas… I remember crying at that part as a child.
Oh! They finally read the card! That card just made me cry. At the age of 25. It’s something we all seem to forget, andyet is so poignant this year especially.
Aww they’re spreading some Christmas joy by helping others and being kind! And Donald is so suspicious!
Ooooh when did they change to ham for Christmas dinner? Not my favourite.
WHy can Donald not just be happy they’re being nice and kind?
Awww that’s cute, I forgot they made him that! And mistletoe in front of the fire – how festive! Aww I’m glowing with Christmas cheer now!
They got Christmas to end! It’s finally Boxing Day! Hahah now I’m laughing again… Maybe this is why Christmas is only one day long! Ready for mini-film two?

Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas Movie Watch-Along 2020 Life With Ktkinnes

Christmas Movie Mini FIlm 2

Ooooh a very Goofy Christmas! I remember this was the first time I met Max!
Aww the excitement to send off those Santa Letters!
Oh no! The postman is away! Imagine if here in the UK the mailman collect ed what you were sending when he dropped off your mail?
Haha poor Goofy! He just keeps getting hurt!
Oh dear, run away from the bauble!
Only Goofy would manage to cause this much mayhem over a letter to Santa!
Oooh I wish we had to shovel snow on Christmas Eve! But Pete angers me – so ignorant! And why would you tell someone else’s kid that Santa isn’t real? That’s insane and so unfair! Cruelty to children in my mind. What an asshole.
Look at that little face, that’s just so sad.
Also, no one gets electrocuted that way and laughs afterwards. But it’s a kids’ Christmas movie, what can I say.
Uh oh, there’s the doubt again…
Hahahah “not including bathroom breaks!”
Whoops, that’s a bit of a mess!
Yup Goofy is a clutz! Rachel, when someone first old her Santa wasn’t real, just replied “Don’t be silly, there’s no way Mum and Dad could afford all those presents!”
Aww sharing the joy of Christmas with those less fortunate is a lovely thing to do on Christmas Eve – lovely and festive! And the kids are so cute!
No Max! Don’t ruin Christmas for the child!
Wow that was a lucky fall!
Wow that’s a well cleared turkey! And Goofy is so kind!
Aww yay! Goofy dressed up as Santa! There’s only one way this can go though…
Oh no!!! The illusion is shattered! Casn you remember how heartbroken you were when someone first broke it to you?
Poor child is angry and sad and confused. No bear is going to change that…
Like if your child acts like that, do you send them to bed and tell them off? Or are you understanding and let them go with it?I’d probably get mad even though I know it’s not their fault!
Guess he fell off the roof!
Poor Goofy, determined to prove Max wrong.
Aw no! Imagine getting your child super excited and then finding out it was a burglar!
Is it just me who finds it really sad and cries when kids are trying to cheer up their parents?
Aww look at little Max dressed as Santa to try and make Goofy believe again! I need emojis on the WordPress desktop… sobbing emoji would go right here!
Oh my goodness it’s Santa! Look at that! So exciting! I remember wondering if I could ever stay up late enough to meet Santa…
Pete doesn’t deserve presents… evil man.
Aw no now I’m crying at Goofy’s Christmas wish. So cute but also heartbreaking at the same time.
I like that quote from the narrator at the end of that christmas movie mini film.

Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas Movie Watch-Along 2020 Life With Ktkinnes

Time for a quick pause til I grab a drink, and then on to Christmas Movie Mini Film 3! Are you ready to continue?

Christmas Movie Mini Film 3

Oooooh this one’s my favourite of the three! 1 shopping day left for Christmas!
I’d love to live somewhere people randomly shouted Merry Christmas to each other.
Here come Mickey and Pluto! Such happy music!
Oh wow a beautiful necklace!
hello Figaro, aren’t you cute! And isn’t it sad that so many of us panic about what to buy for other people to show them we care, when really we can’t afford to? I think it’s nice but sad. Like it’s one of the few selfless things humans seem to do…
Hahah imagine running out of time to leave for work! I seem to be running early at the minute!
Mortimer’s is that meant to be like House of Fraser or something?
Oh wow… who needs a 10 foot tree?? Who has space for them?
Oh wow that’s quite the tip!
Oh dear… Crazy Pete is bad… like who needs anything that big? If the tree’s bigger than the house then don’t buy it! And certainly don’t sign up to payment plans just to buy a tree!
Aww Mickey that’s the perfect tree for the family!
Is he able to do that?? Take the extra money lost out of Mickey’s pay? Serves him right that he’s set his bum on fire with his cigar! And set fire to his trees!
Oh, back to Minnie now! I hope she gets a good Christmas bonus!
Oh wow… a fruit cake as your Christmas bonus… that would be heartbreaking! More than some people get, I know, but still…
Ooooh the chief can hear Mickey playing! He can play for a little while, can’t he? FInish at 4:50 and get to the shops?
There we go! He’s playing!
I love Christmas music, makes everything better!
Run Mickey run! You can get there for closing!
Oh no! He’s too late! And that was mean telling him the harmonica isn’t worth much. Have a change of heart old man!
Oh he heard me! YAY!!! MICKEY GOT A HER PRESENT!
Oh no… that’s so sad – they each traded their most precious possessions just to get each other a gift.
I mean, at least the chain without the watch is fine. A harmonica case without a harmonica is a little…

Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas Movie Watch-Along 2020 Life With Ktkinnes

And to tie it all together…

Shame we can’t all gether this year… but made better by Christmas music I guess!
That was a nice little film!

So there you have it – my Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas Movie Watch Along! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, or that it encouraged you to watch the film for yourself! Just a little reminder we have a Twitter chat going on tonight, so come along and chat all things Christmas! If not, I’ll see you back here same time tomorrow for a new post.


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