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Merry Christmas 2019


Merry merry Christmas everybody! It has finally arrived, and I cannot wait to spend the day just the 4 of us celebrating.


My audiobook I listened to in November (Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella) had a saying running throughout it – “whatever The Grinch can steal, that’s not Christmas”.  It came back to me as I watched The Grinch a couple of weeks ago, and to be honest I have tried to remember it as much as I can over the last few weeks.


I know it won’t do my domain authority or SEO any good, but I just wanted to post a short post today to say Merry Christmas.


I’ll be back tomorrow to share what all I gifted this year, and don’t worry – the daily posts are continuing right up until the first of January! So there is plenty more still to come here on Life With Ktkinnes, along with a bit of a refurb on time for the new year.


Whatever you do today, and whoever you spend it with – whether alone or with others, I hope today is everything you want it to be.  And to finish off, I’m going to leave you with this Christmas Ad someone in work showed me.  I think it sums up the sentiment of the day perfectly.



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