May 2020

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Firstly, allow me to say happy Friday! Especially to those of you who can still follow what day of the week we’re on. Secondly, welcome to May 2020! Will it continue the way it’s beginning, or will we be allowed some freedom over the coming weeks? Only time will tell. This post contains affiliate links.

Well as can only be expected, and as we somewhat predicted back when writing the April 2020 post, it’s been a quiet lead up to May. And to be honest, it’s looking like May could be more of the same! In fact, it’s the first Friday of the month and in usual circumstances we’d be meeting at the local pub after work for a drink and possibly dinner before heading home to watch the usual Friday night TV. Instead, the biggest excitement currently planned for this weekend is learning a new song on guitar!


So as we were saying, April was a strange month. We took part in a couple of pub quizzes over Zoom, organised by the man who does the pub quizzes in the pub Rachel works in, and won 3 out of the 5 we took part in! That was a bit of a shock, especially when there were between 15 and 19 teams depending on the night. We continued our “pub” chats with Granny over FaceTime on a Saturday, and Rachel and I continued doing the PE With Joe classes when we could. We’ve watched several films over the month, but couldn’t say we’ve spent more time in front of the TV. The garden was weeded and tidied, and we even managed to have a couple of barbecues in the sun.I read a lot, listened to my audiobooks more, my bedroom got tidied and decluttered, and delivered some essential shopping things to family and family friends who are currently shielding. Easter was a strange weekend purely because we’re so used to it being a bigger family affair, but instead on Good Friday was took part in the pub quiz, had a barbecue, and just stayed in the sun in the garden as much as we could. Easter Saturday came around and we had our pub Skype session, watched a film on Netflix, and Rachel organised an easter egg hunt for us in the garden. So then on Easter Sunday we had our lamb dinner, took a walk, and not much else again. Overall, April was busy enough considering we’re on this lockdown, and it was even productive with me managing to get through some blog admin I’ve been putting off for months! Rachel travelled back to Edinburgh on the 18th, and has been busy working in the community since.

May 2020

By the looks of things, May won’t see us have a change in circumstances. The current plan is that lockdown will be reviewed on 9th May, but personally I don’t see it being lifted any time soon. The weather has now turned again and is more typical for Northern Ireland in May – lower temperatures, less sun, and a lot more rain – so I’ll most likely end up finishing my clear out and getting through more computer based activities. In fact, I could even spend the month learning new songs on guitar if the lockdown continues! All I know for certain is that my TBR pile is decreasing rapidly, even with receiving new books recently.


April Goals

  1. Teach myself a new song on guitar.
    I just about did this! I’ve learnt the chords and strumming pattern for Begin Again by Taylor Swift, and I taught myself Photograph by Ed Sheeran. Just don’t ask me to sing and play at the same time – people who can do that are geniuses!

    Continue to post weekly here.
    Yup! If you missed any of the posts, you know where you can look for them!

    Train my hair to go a third day without being washed.
    My hair is just about coping with this. I’m currently washing it one day, leaving it to do its own thing on day 2, putting dry shampoo in on day 3, and tying it back on day 4 again if we’re not going to the shops or washing it day 4 if we are going to the shops. In fact, I was tempted to leave it for a 5th day just last week! But I think you would’ve been able to fry chips in my roots by the end of day 5.

    Read 2 books
    Again yes! I read Warlight by Michael Ondaatje, and Calm by Fearne Cotton, and finished two audiobooks – A Storm of Swords and A Feast For Crows (Books 3 and 4 of the Game of Thrones series). I had hoped to finish reading Creativity Brewing by Kevin Barrick, but I’ve only 12% left to read (Kindle edition) so it’ll be finished by the end of next month I hope.

    Drink 2 litres of water a day
    I didn’t manage to do this every day, but out of the last 30 I drank 2 litres minimum across 20 of the days! The warmer weather certainly helped with this goal.


May 2020 Goals

  1. Read 2 books.
  2. Finish blog admin relating to posts from April 2016 up until December 2017.
  3. Watch all the James Bond films from Dr No up to Spectre since I just rediscovered my DVDs[AFF] of them!
  4. Post Weekly here.
  5. Learn 2 new songs on guitar.

How about you? How is the situation in your country, and do you have any goals for May 2020? Let me know in the comments below!



8 thoughts on “May 2020

  1. Green Socks

    Wow you got loads done in April. I totally agree that May won’t be much different. Although hopefully the weather will improve again. I’m struggling to get through one book a month at the moment, but just started a novel which is faster than non-fiction so maybe. Hope you have a great May x

  2. Haaya

    Nice love reading your reflection and hope you meet your monthly goals- will try set my own monthly goals from today onwards!!

  3. Charity

    It sounds like you have some great gold for the month! I am trying to drink more water right now too! Wishing you all the best in accomplishing them all!

  4. Lindsey

    Ooh what kind of admin tasks are you doing on your old posts? I’m just starting to change up some of my old ones for the first time ever so I’m intrigued how others are doing it. Congrats on hitting the goals you did – and those quiz wins, that’s awesome!

  5. Vox

    These seem like reasonable goals. Our lockdown in Michigan has been extended through May 28, so it’s likely you all may be in the same situation. I don’t know about you, but I am FINALLY ready to take on May! I am going to find my peace and my purpose in this new month. Thanks for sharing your journey. 🙌🏾😀

  6. Corinne Rodrigues

    You seem to have had a fruitful April. Mine wasn’t so great, but I did manage to continue conducting a training – online for the first time.

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