March 2022

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And so another month has begun – March 2022. I’m not quite sure what to think as we enter this month. History tells us that a health pandemic, followed by a depression, statistically it was inevitable that a war would come. And while I don’t know enough right now to share my thoughts or opinions, I’m sure I won’t get through March 2022 without discussing Russia and Ukraine somewhere within my blog.

So today is the 7th March 2022. And can you believe we’ve already had pancake day? Which is somewhat exciting but also pretty stressful. I mean, this is week 10 out of 52. Did you know that? I mean, the only reason I’m aware of this is because we take about weeks in work relating to deliveries. But either way, March 2022 got off to a bang with me making pancakes after work, instead of just having shop bought ones. I mean, I can make quick and easy pancakes, but sometimes it’s as easy to just buy them. You know?

February 2022

As I said at the beginning of February 2022, I’m not a big fan of the shortest month of the year. To be honest, it stresses me out a bit. Plus, it means you have less time to achieve your goals for the month! But looking back at February? Well, it appears to have been a busy one.

Looking Back on February 2022

Well, as you know, my first post of February 2022 came officially a week into the month. Potentially over a week if I’m being truly fair. The month started with me taking yet another LFT, and preparing to go to work. I’ll be honest, I haven’t done one in a while. I genuinely was concerned I was going to give myself a nosebleed at one stage with the number of lateral flow tests I did. I had a guitar lesson, during which I played and sang on my own for a while for the first time – scary stuff! It’s very rare I can sing and play together; my hands don’t like to play if I’m thinking about words. But it was nice to do for a change. Thursday I sat and cringed at The Apprentice, and then Friday came bringing a night in the house watching Ulster play rugby on the TV. It was a good win for the team, and set us up for a good night in. Saturday was the start of the Six Nations, so Mum and I took a walk in the morning before settling on the sofa as a family to watch Ireland play against Wales in Dublin. We had takeaway for dinner on Saturday night (first in a long time!) and then Sunday saw Granny come round for dinner.

Six Nations Matches February and March 2022

The following week, I was meant to have guitar after work but it got cancelled at the last minute. So instead I had a night in home alone, watching Netflix and getting some Open University work done! Then Friday night (11th February) we headed to The Lyric to see Into The Woods on stage! It was incredible; put on by the Northern Ireland Operatic Society, but not an opera. Okay it was a bit long to be sitting on uncomfortable seats, but I adored every second of it and came home singing each of the songs to myself much to Mum and Dad’s disapproval. Saturday saw us heading into Belfast for some retail therapy, dinner in a sports bar where we could watch Ireland play against France, and then we headed around the corner to see The Nutcracker in the Opera House! I was super excited to see my first ever ballet, and was mesmerised by the whole performance. My eyes didn’t know where to look! Have you seen ballet on stage before?

The following week I had a half day Friday again off work, so after a brief touch of retail therapy in M&S, Mum and I finally got to go to the new wellness spa in Lisburn to book a treatment each. We then tried the new bar that has opened in Lisburn, before heading across the square again to the local hotel for a drink before home. And the following weekend saw me back at the Opera House to see Catch Me If You Can! We headed into Belfast for a spot of lunch before the show, then went to our local pub for dinner after, where we had a power cut so ended up staying for a drink or two more than was expected. So February 2022 really was a busy month!

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February 2022 Goals

So as you can see, it was another rather busy month. With that in mind, I had set the below goals for February 2022:

  1. No Spend on my credit card
    Right this did not happen. But that’s because we booked a holiday, and I had cleared it specifically for this purpose! I’m extremely grateful for the 0% interest rate on it allowing me to spread the cost of the holiday. I cannot wait for some sun!
  2. Read 2 Books
    Is it awful I have to refer to my GoodReads app every time I set this sort of goal? But I was delighted to see I’ve actually finished 3 books this month! Around The World In Eighty Days by Jules Verne, An Unsuitable Job for a Woman by P.D. James, and It’s In His Kiss (Bridgertons #7) by Julia Quinn. I will admit, both my Kindle and Audible make finishing books that much easier. And I adore Julia Quinn’s style of writing. So any Bridgerton book generally takes a total of 6 hours to read for me.
  3. Get back to blogging.
    Can I say this was accomplished? I mean, I certainly had several posts go live. And I’ve been busying in the background working on some older content in the archives – you should take a look back if ever you fancy a laugh!

And there you have it! My goals for February 2022. I actually managed to achieve one, over achieve another, and failed the third. So I’m going to count that as an overall win, wouldn’t you agree? Now that March 2022 has begun, it’s time to share the excitement of this month with you!

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March 2022

I will admit, the first week of March 2022 flew through. It started with pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, there was a guitar lesson on Wednesday, and Thursday had me packing an overnight bag and watching The Apprentice. I was also wrapping some Christmas presents. You see, I headed down to Fermanagh on Friday afternoon after work, and Sarah and I finally got to exchange our Christmas presents! Weekends in Fermanagh always seem to fly in. We had Friday night with a few of Sarah’s friends, spent Saturday playing with her son, and then I came home on Sunday to get through a to do list the length of my arm. And that was the first week of the month over!

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I’ve another week of work ahead of me to look forward to, with the usual Open University work and Guitar to get through in the meantime. This coming Friday is my half day, and Mum and I have our appointments with the wellness spa I was talking about earlier. I’ll be giving their dry floatation a go, so might even write up my thoughts afterwards if you’re interested? Saturday 12th March 2022, she and Dad are at an Ulster rugby match while I have dinner with Granny. Sunday? Currently we have no plans, but I’m sure that could change at any moment!

The following week again is work, and as far as I am aware there are no plans for that weekend. Well, there are now that I think of it. Granny is heading over to Scotland, so we’ll be taking her to the airport, but apart from that and the end of the Six Nations rugby, I’m not sure there’s much else happening. Then another week of work, leading into our much postponed work night out! I’m looking forward to it and naturally haven’t a clue what to wear. That’s on the Friday (25th March 2022) that Bridgerton season 2 is added to Netflix, so you can place bets on what I’ll be spending my hangover doing… But I need to make sure I’m sorted for Mother’s Day (27th March 2022) here in the UK that weekend, because I have an awful habit of going shopping in Belfast while hungover and that really is not an experience I recommend to anyone. Did I mention I’ve already bought one of my Christmas presents for Christmas 2022?

Goals for March 2022

I’ll be honest, I’m struggling to think of goals for March 2022. I mean, I had wanted to get back into swimming, but I haven’t done anything about it yet so I’m not sure how feasible that plan is. But anyway, goals for March 2022:

  • Read 2 Books
    Being that I’ve already finished 9 books out of my target of 30 for the year, and I have a 2 week holiday coming, I think 2 books seems reasonable!
  • Curb my eating habits
    Again, there’s a holiday coming up. And those winter pounds are proving a little harder to shift this year now that furlough is long gone. If I can be a bit better with my food for the month of March, then I’ll be happier.
  • Sort and Clear Out the drawers by my desk
    This is where I keep all stationery, makeup, toiletries, electricals, hair stuff, and who knows what else. So my goal for this month is to have a good clear out and actually take stock of what I own!

Have you any goals for March 2022? Let me know in the comments below, and we can try to support each other with them for the month ahead!

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