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March 2021

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Another Monday, another new month. February was a mix of highs and lows, as I’m sure it was for a lot of you, and here in the UK we are approaching the anniversary of Lockdown 1. However, there may be some positive things to come out of March 2021. Shall we have a look at the month ahead?

Before I look back at February, I just wanted to acknowledge the comments on my last post – Reaching Breaking Point. I wish I had had the positive, upbeat replies to your comments, but I think I really did reach breaking point this week. On the other hand, I took a few days of stepping back from everything, and have come back feeling ready to go again! It’s tough, but I promise you we are getting there. No matter how much it feels like we aren’t.

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February 2021

As with all these posts, normally we take the time to look back at what we’ve been up to. Well, apart from work, Open University, cooking, cleaning, watching rugby, and walking, we really haven’t done a lot in February 2021. We made pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, visited a couple of National Trust places for walks, and continued much the way we have for the last 11 months. I’m not going into it, but the announcement from Stormont that we were in this level of lockdown until at least 1st April just pushed me over the edge, and that is why there was no post at all last week.

February Goals

  1. Finish 2 books. 
    I didn’t finish either of the books I planned on reading. However, I did finish A Life On Our Planet: My Witness Statement and a Vision for the Future by David Attenborough! So I hope to have a review of it go live in the next week or so. Definitely finding Kindle books and Audible books easier to get through at the minute than paperback books! [affiliate links]
  2. Walk 5K steps a day. 
    Nope… let’s just leave it at that. Maybe I need to look into buying myself a treadmill I can walk on while blogging.
  3. Cut out Coffee. 
    To be perfectly honest with you, I lasted one day. I did have a few days in total of no coffee, but being in work just means I have zero willpower to avoid the black stuff.

So um… this wasn’t a great month for working through goals. I will admit that. Maybe March 2021 will be better?

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March 2021

Well yesterday I attended a blogging webinar over Zoom that gave me the motivational (and metaphorical) kick up the butt I needed to get me back into the right mindset for life. At time of writing this post, I am working 2 days a week. And rather than faff about the way I have been, I plan to make full use of them. Back to Lockdown Silverlinings Katie! The exercise mat has been pulled out again, the water bottle found, and the PE With Joe t-shirts are folded by the end of my bed. This weekend there’s no rugby, but it is Mum and Dad’s anniversary. So I’m planning on cooking them a nice meal. Apart from that, I have an assignment due this month, the end of the Six Nations rugby, Mother’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, and that’s about it! So I hope to get a few things done. Speaking of, shall we set some goals for March 2021?

March 2021 Goals

  1. Finish 2 books. I’m behind on my reading challenge for 2021, so I’m hoping to get back on track this month!
  2. Exercise 2 times a week. Even if it’s something as simple as a walk, I need to get myself moving again and being active.
  3. Work on the behind-the-scenes bits of blogging. The applying for affiliate schemes, updating SEO, actually reading all the blogging guides I’ve bought over the last year… those sorts of things. In fact, I might just use my blog maintenance post to create a checklist.
  4. Learn a new song on guitar. In February I taught myself Love Story and Begin Again – both by Taylor Swift. And while I still can’t sing along while playing, it’s getting better!

What goals have you set for March 2021? Or are you a firm believer in not setting goals? Let me know in the comments below!


  • davidgpearce205

    Hi there. Well I can certainly sympathise. February was a bit rubbish with a dip of a few days in terms of my mental health but I am trying to keep things on an even keel. I hope that March brings much better things for you. Yesterday we set up our treadmill and exercise bike in the garage so my exercise routine will definitely be getting back on track! In terms of reading I have to share, as I already have done on Twitter the book I read over last weekend. A Girl in One Room is about a young sufferer from the most extreme form of M.E. It is a brave, brilliant, harrowing but ultimately uplifting book that I can wholeheartedly recommend. It’s the sequel to A Girl Behind Dark Glasses but you don’t have to have read that one. Here’s the link to the publisher’s website but it’s definitely on Amazon.
    Take care in March. Remember, Spring is here!

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