My March 2021 Advertisers: Bloggers You Should Follow! Life With Ktkinnes

My March 2021 Advertisers: Bloggers You Should Follow!

Please be aware, this post contains affiliate links. If you make a qualifying purchase through these links, I may be paid a small commission at no extra cost to you.

AD | An exciting new feature has been added to Life With Ktkinnes – the opportunity to discover some new bloggers! These fabulous people are my March 2021 advertisers. While they have paid for this opportunity, all views shared here are my own. So grab a cup of tea or coffee, and come meet my March 2021 Advertisers!

The following March 2021 advertisers are bloggers that I have loved getting to know. The range of content shared by these March 2021 advertisers, and the motivation they give me to keep sharing my own writing, is great. Why not grab a cuppa and discover some new favourite bloggers to follow?

A Girl With A View

Black writing against a white background reading A girl with a view with blue, purple and grey stars dotted around the writing. A Girl With A View March 2021 Advertisers

Tash is a fellow lifestyle blogger, sharing all things life, beauty, books, travel and more over at A Girl With A View! Tash is a 21 year old English student who enjoys sharing her life with us much the way I do. If you like the variety of content on my blog then you certainly will love Tash’s style of writing!

Some of her posts that I highly recommend reading would include her 8 of the Best Books I’ve Read Recently, Simple Bullet Journal Spreads for Beginners, and 5 Days In Prague which took me straight back to my long weekend away with Mum and Rachel!

Kayleigh Zara

Kayleigh Zara blog header for March 2021 advertisers post

Straight up, Kayleigh is one of my best friends – and we’ve never even met! Having started her blog around the same time as me, Kayleigh has developed her lifestyle blog into a full time job for herself. Kayleigh combined her passion for writing and oversharing into her creative space as an outlet which has evolved over time as she herself has grown.

If you’re looking for Pinterest help (Kayleigh is a Pinterest guru), regular blogging tips, lifestyle posts, fashion, and university posts, then make sure you check out her blog! You can also find Kayleigh on Twitter, Pinterest, and Gumroad, or you can sign up to her mailing list here for regular updates!

Kayleigh is an inspiration to me in my blogging journey, and some of my favourite posts of hers include The 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms for Beginners, The Best 14 Stock Libraries for Bloggers, Domain Authority: The Ultimate Guide for Bloggers (linked to in my upping your blogging game in 2021 post!), How To Manifest Anything and 8 Beautiful WordPress Themes You Need to Check Out!

Our Favourite Jar

Our Favourite Jar blog header being used for March 2021 Advertisers post

First up, let me say that Claire is one of the most supportive bloggers I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know through Twitter. Using her life as a basis for her posts, Claire is a 30 something blogger, Mum, postponed Covid-Bride and school administrator. She loves having the chance to share life, love and grief in her own corner of the internet.

Her blog originated from her family gifting her a jar of activities for the family to do, and soon became a place where Claire could talk honestly about the difficulties she faced when she lost her Mum. Some of my favourite blog posts of Claire’s include her next exciting stage of wedding planning, her 6 ways to support other bloggers, and useful blogging resources you need to up your game.

Sincere Mommy

My March 2021 Advertisers: Bloggers You Should Follow! Life With Ktkinnes

Shyla is a lifestyle blogger who’s a stay at home mum who loves to craft, make, and create with a bit of positivity and humour. She created this blog in 2018 without a clue about what she was doing with no real goal other than she wanted to work from home. Skip forward to today and Shyla is fulfilling her dream.

Little by little her blog has grown from a simple positive space for mums to a haven of crafts and learning for all to enjoy. From resin crafts to candles, Cricut projects to recipes – there is always something new!

Shyla also likes to share blogging tips and advice to mum’s like her who want to start a blog of their own. Having first discovered Shyla on Twitter, I now follow her on Pinterest too to make sure I don’t miss a single post! While I’m yet to try any of Shyla’s crafts out, these ones are certainly at the top of my list of things to attempt!

From Easy And Fun Glass Etching With Stencils to Resin Art for Beginners, How To Color Resin With Lots Of Things to How To Make Lovely Clay Rings To Sell Online, Shyla even has a post of The Easiest Things To Sell On Etsy In 2021!

The Doubting Thomas

My March 2021 Advertisers: Bloggers You Should Follow! Life With Ktkinnes

I don’t even know where to begin with Tom other than to say – if you don’t already follow him then go follow him now! Seriously. Tom has been brightening my timeline for so long that I can’t actually remember when I first followed him.

Tom first started The Doubting Thomas back in November 2019, and covers a range of topics from lifestyle to blogging tips alongside his experiences as a parent. Make sure you read Tom’s 10 Productive Things To Do (instead of scrolling), How I Use My Phone in 2021 and Tom’s Top 5 for February (actually featuring me and my Reaching Breaking Point post!).

The Procrastinating Mum

The Procrastinating Mum blog header for March 2021 Advertisers post

I feel like literally everyone here I’ve talked about today is super supportive, but trust me when I say Lisa is the loveliest person you will meet online. Lisa is a 30 something wife and stay at home mum. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys all things beginning with P; Prosecco, pizza, Potter (Harry, obvs!) Prosciutto and pyjamas!

It was about a year after going on maternity leave that she decided to start The Procrastinating Mum. Her brain had started to go to mush from only doing baby things and Lisa just felt like she had a lot to say! Lisa’s blog is about her life with anxiety, all things parent/child-related, fertility, beauty and whatever else takes her fancy also thrown in there! She has always suffered from anxiety but after the birth of her son the anxiety took over.

The aim was to help sufferers of anxiety and other mental health issues realise that they are not alone, it’s nothing to be ashamed of and to seek help. A little taster of Lisa’s posts? Check out Putting Together Your Panic Attack Toolkit, How To Be A Supportive Husband During Pregnancy and 14 Ways To Look After Your Mental Health.

And last but certainly not least…

If you’ve checked out the last six bloggers and are still looking for more bloggers to check out, then why not have a look at Ellie’s Little World or Wool of the King? I love both of them!

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