March 2020

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Please believe me when I say HELLO MARCH 2020 YOU BEAUTIFUL MONTH! I don’t know about you, but I have been just waiting for February to end – I don’t know how or why but it genuinely felt like a longer month than January. Or was that just for me?

February just seemed to drag, so I am very very happy to have woken up in a new month, with a new mindset I hope.  I can’t really put my finger on it, but I just hit a real slump in February, especially around the middle of the month, and it has taken quite a lot to pull myself out of it.  The joys, right?

February 2020

Looking back on February, it wasn’t the busiest of months. Mum went to Edinburgh for a weekend, and over that time I watched a few films, and we had a couple of Dad’s friends over for dinner. Between work, the rugby starting back, Open Uni work, guitar, and just generally trying to stay sane, I didn’t do a lot this month.  Maybe that’s why I found it a long month? Who knows. Even yesterday I spent the day on Open Uni work, and then cooked dinner for the 3 of us, and then settled down to watch tv. So apart from those few days in the first 2 weeks, I really didn’t do much.  Whoops!

Purple crocus flower coming up through the white snow, and the word March 2020 in black in the bottom left hand corner

March 2020

But today is the start of a new month, and I plan on making March 2020 a better month – the best one yet! Not that there’s a lot to compare with.  So to start the month, today I am going out for a walk to get the cobwebs blown away. What is with these constant storms?? We’re going to Granny’s for dinner, and between now and the walk, my main aim is to make a start on reading for the month and practise some guitar.  The upcoming week is straightforward enough for during the week – the usual work, guitar, uni work, that kinda thing. Then on Friday, okay there’s the dentist in the morning, but I’m rushing out of work in the afternoon to take Mum and Dad up to the airport, then back down to the house to get ready to go out to a Whiskey Tasting night at our rugby club that we’re members of. I actually cannot wait! Might even create a post out of it – who knows. But since I’m home alone and cat sitting, I have so many plans.  There’s a hair appointment booked for Saturday morning (7th March 2020), and I’ve made plans to see my Granny (Mum’s mum) on Saturday afternoon, but then it’ll be home for a nice dinner, Saturday TV, and pushing my way through the 4 page list I’ve created in my bullet journal of things needing done next weekend. If I can even get half way done then I’ll be pleased. Sunday 8th March 2020 will be just working my way through the list, and then Monday I’m back into work before picking them up on Monday night.  So once again my weekend home alone is taken up more or less, but at least I’ve one day to do what I want. Another week of the usual, and then I think we’re doing a pre-Mothers Day thing that weekend, because Granny is away on holiday after that so we’re going to celebrate for 2 weekends. Not sure how or what we’re doing, but before we know it March will be over, and we’ll be looking forward to Easter and my first days off since Christmas! Can I get a refund on this adulting malarkey?

February 2020 Goals

Well I think I can honestly say my goals went out the window by about the 9th February, but will we take a look and see how I got on?

  1. A month of no coffee.
    This was the first big fail.  I managed so well until the 9th February. Well, that is if you don’t count espresso martinis as having a coffee… in which case I failed on the 7th. I think it’s safe to say I need coffee to survive now.  On the other hand, I did reduce to only 1 cup a day, so that’s still an improvement on where I was this time last year!
  2. Read Daily
    I’m not sure I managed daily reading, however I did finish 2 full books in the month of February! So I’m going to count this as a win for me.  Shhh…
  3. Remove makeup daily.
    Nope… didn’t happen…. Actually, even last night I couldn’t be bothered to just do a basic cleanse even without wearing makeup. Maybe I should just accept that I’m too lazy for this?
  4. Stick to 1 post a week.
    Ummm…. another fail. I managed my 1st Feb post, and one other post, for the entire month. I can’t explain why, but February just was not a good month for me.
  5. Weekly Budget
    Yes!! This was achieved! Do you know how much I have been spending unnecessarily? I didn’t until I did this for a month.  It actually meant that yesterday I was able to sit and treat myself to an online shop of stuff from The Body Shop. Cannot wait for it to be delivered!

So that’s what, 2 out of 5? Ha….maybe this month will be better…

March 2020 Goals

  1. No Chocolate
    I realised the other day how many times a week I’m reaching for a chocolate biscuit or something similar. It really wasn’t helped by a tub of Quality Street appearing in the office during February. So my plan is to cut chocolate out for March 2020. Think I can do it?
  2. Read 2 Books
    Having proved to myself last month that this was possible, I’ve decided I want to read another 2 books in March 2020, to bring my total to 5 books in 3 months. With a goal of 18 books for the year, this will give me a chance to slow down later in the year. There are a couple of book reviews coming in March 2020, so that’s a good starting point.
  3. Post weekly
    We’ll try this again will we? Because believe it or not, I do miss blogging when I get swamped by normal life. So we’ll try again.
  4. Practise Guitar more.
    There are times I feel bad that I’m still taking up a Wednesday night for lessons, when really we haven’t progressed all that much since Christmas.  Strumming patterns and changing chords quickly just doesn’t seem to be working out yet, but I have decided that I want to make a significant effort to improve. By the end of March, I’ll have had 6 months of lessons, and I want to make them count.

There we have it! Do you have any goals for March? Or what do you think of mine?

Let me know below!

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7 thoughts on “March 2020

  1. Elsie LMC

    Best of luck with your goals and I hope you have an amazing March! ✨ What books are you planning on reading? My goal would be to keep up with driving lessons as they’ve had to stop for a while so I want to get back into them 🚗💕

  2. ktkinnes

    Thanks Elsie! I have a couple of books to read and post reviews this month, so they’re top of the list! Then if I can, I hope to read a book I got for my birthday – What Are You Doing With Your Life.
    Good luck with the driving lessons! xx

  3. bookishluna

    Reducing your intake. to only one cup I feel is a huge accomplishment. It is so hard to be dependent on caffeine, but to lower is wonderful and a great step. The weekly budget is also a great one, I take a certain amount of money out of the. bank every week and. just use that as spending money. If I buy something online I put it into an envelope and use it to pay off my bill when it comes in. Before doing this, I didn’t realize how. much I was. spending either. Little purchases add up. Best of luck with your March goals!

  4. SophieMalory

    I thought February flew by! It didn’t mean I got any further with my goals though haha, feel like I blinked and it was the end of the month and I’d done nothing…whoops haha. Great goals, I think I definitely need to try the no chocolate one at some point

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