March 2018

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I feel like everyone’s saying this, but damn February passed quickly! However, I started to write this blog post last night at my desk in my newly rearranged bedroom. So you can imagine me sitting in my slightly cramped but newly created blogging corner – a corner I hope to organise a little better over the next few weeks!Speaking of organising things, I went to write in my bullet journal last night and realised I haven’t seen it since I began the rearranging process on Tuesday… so needless to say that needs found as soon as possible! To be honest, I just need to sort my life out in general. Anyone else feel like this?

February seemed to fly by, and yet I can’t quite think of what all I got up to… I know I was working daily (well… almost daily but we’ll get there in a minute), I was at Weight Watchers every week, I saw a lot of my family, and the last two weeks were busy. I had a Saturday shopping with Mum, a Sunday at the Northern Ireland Blogger Brunch, and the past weekend was spent emptying my flat in Glasgow, as I’m sure you read about in Monday’s post. So Tuesday saw us unload the van, get my hair cut, try and organise the mess of my bedroom (although I think I made it worse), and have one of my grannies around for her dinner. Wednesday, yesterday, I was looking forward to going back to work for a break! Although, with this Beast from the East, the decision was made at lunch time that we would be closing for the day – I got a half day!

March is looking busy already to be honest. Next week we have Mum and Dad’s 25th wedding anniversary, and presents need to be organised. Three days later, both Rachel and the Scottish family are arriving over for my aunt’s birthday. We’re going to Dublin to watch Ireland play Scotland in the Six Nations! I can’t wait! Although with both teams playing pretty well at the minute, I am kind of nervous that Ireland might not win… and we can’t have the Scottish cousins making fun of us the whole bus journey home! I’m then looking at going to my cousin’s house in Fermanagh for a weekend, and then it’s the Easter weekend and Rachel’s home again! It seems crazy that this is how close we are to Easter… When Chris Evans played a Christmas song on the radio yesterday morning I didn’t even question it! I just assumed we were in November or something! Who knows where my head is at at the minute.

But yes, apologies for no post yesterday. I just didn’t get time between Monday and Tuesday to write it. However you have today’s post, and I’ll have another one up tomorrow for you!

As I said, February was a bit of a blur, and so I didn’t seem to get the time to work on my goals as much as I wanted to. Does anyone even remember them?

  1. Drink less coffee and more water. Okay I did achieve this one! Until yesterday… yesterday I must’ve had at least 5 coffees in work… not good.
  2. Lose another 4lbs in weight. Looking at my weight tracker, I just about managed the 4lbs. However, I may have gained a little over the weekend… I suppose we’ll find out tonight!
  3. Read one book. Yup I didn’t get finishing a single book this month, even though I started 4!
  4. Watch 1 film. At least I achieved this one! I watched 8 films this month, meaning I am well ahead of schedule for my 52 films this year!
  5. Keep my bullet journal up to date. Apart from yesterday I have actually managed to achieve this! I might try changing things up a little this month, mainly because I haven’t been using it as well as I could, but we’ll see what March does for it.

So I suppose that’s what 4 out of 5? Wow, I actually did better than I thought! I might change things up a little this month with a few of my goals…

  1. Lose 4lbs in weight.
  2. Read 2 books
  3. Watch 1 film
  4. Adapt my bullet journal to optimise how I am using it.
  5. Organise my room a bit better.
  6. Practice my guitar for at least 30 minutes a week – I want to start learning to play again!

Yeah okay I didn’t really change things up for this month… but I might have to next month! We’ll see how it goes.

How about you all? Do you have any goals for March? Or what do you not like about setting goals? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

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  1. rachaelstray

    Don’t be too hard on yourself for not posting as you’ve been a busy bee! Hope you feel settled into your flat soon. Will you share a tour or something with us when you get organised?

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