Maldives Paradise Reed Diffuser: A Must Buy? [AD - PR Product] Life With Ktkinnes

Maldives Paradise Reed Diffuser: A Must Buy? [AD – PR Product]

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Happy Monday everyone! “What’s this?” you may find yourselves asking. “Is it Wednesday already?” The answer being no, I just decided to spoil you this week with an extra post! Who knows, if you’re lucky we might even reach the old 3 or 4 posts this week! But with spending yesterday by the sea on the beach at Portballintrae, I really got the bug of wanting to go on holiday again. That’s why today’s post is a review of Asia Jade Beauty’s Maldives Paradise Reed Diffuser, kindly sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

Asia kindly reached out to me to offer an opportunity to bring the coastal scent of the Maldives into our home in exchange for a completely honest review. If you’d like to know more about the terms related to my free product review, you can read about them in my disclaimer.

About Asia Jade Beauty

Asia Jade Walker is a UK based lifestyle/fashion/travel blogger and influencer, who set up her Instagram based shop approximately 6 weeks ago. Selling designer inspired fragrances, lip products, and reed diffusers, her Instagram grid showcases all her products, as well as weekly discounts! She likes to write about lifestyle, beauty and fashion topics. A few of the things that she likes are tea, all things Disney, chocolate cake, Michael Bublé, Greys Anatomy, H&M, Autumn/Winter, snow, hot baths, cooking, romcoms and travelling.

My Thoughts on the Maldives Paradise Reed Diffuser

As I said above, all thoughts and opinions shared below are 100% my own, and will be completely honest, regardless of the fact I was kindly gifted the Maldives Paradise Reed Diffuser.


As you can see in the photo below, the reed diffuser box is extremely eye catching and looks very professional! I love the fact that the cardboard box, and the little bit of cardboard inside the box to hold everything in place are both recyclable. Plus the fact it came in a gorgeous pinky/purple bubble wrap jiffy bag that can be reused if I just peel off the postage labels! So that’s a big thumbs up from me. On the other hand, it appears the post office ignored the “FRAGILE” stickers on the beautiful packaging because the box inside had been crushed in parts, making me concerned it might be broken. Not to worry though – my Maldives Paradise Reed Diffuser was all in one piece!

Maldives Paradise Reed Diffuser: A Must Buy? [AD - PR Product] Life With Ktkinnes

The Scent

Probably the most important part of this review! Described on the box as “light, sea notes combined with a subtle sweetness of exotic fruit bring heavenly holidays to mind”, I would find it hard to disagree! the Maldives Paradise Reed Diffuser was really fresh and subtly fruity when I first set it up in my bedroom. I love keeping diffusers by my window and above the radiator to help spread the scent around my room whether through the heat rising from the radiator, or the breeze coming through the window. My first day of sitting at my desk with the window open, I felt like i was on a tropical island smelling the ocean air outside and the fruity cocktails or smoothies being made at a nearby bar. It truly was heavenly! The scent definitely lingers – 10 days after first opening it, I can still smell my diffuser the minute I walk up the stairs into my bedroom. One thing I would say though is I sleep with my bedroom door and window closed, so first thing in the morning there is an overwhelming smell of the fruit. Not that I mind it! But if you’re someone who isn’t into fruit scents then maybe leave a window open, or try it somewhere else in the house.

Maldives Paradise Reed Diffuser: A Must Buy? [AD - PR Product] Life With Ktkinnes

The Price

I can tell you now, I think the Maldives Paradise Reed Diffuser is definitely value for money! At the price of £9.03 per diffuser, plus £4 for delivery within the UK, you certainly couldn’t do better in your local shops – at least that’s my opinion!

Other Products

As well as this lovely diffuser, there are other scents such as the Singapore Twilight and Green Spa ones, you can also get your hands on fragrances inspired by designer brands such as Chloe Love Story, Gucci Flora and D&G The One! These fragrances are priced depending on the bottle size, but keep an eye out on the Asia Jade Beauty Instagram page for her £10 Tuesday deals, Pay Day offers, and special discounts!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m quite pleased with my Maldives Paradise Reed Diffuser. As I said before I was delighted with the standard of the box it arrived in, even if it was a little battered, and to be honest I will be seriously considering buying a few more as small Christmas presents!

Maldives Paradise Reed Diffuser packaging & diffuser

Do you have a go-to reed diffuser? Or have you bought from the Asia Jade Beauty page before and want to share your thoughts? Scroll on down to leave a comment, and don’t forget to pin this page to come back and purchase at a later stage!


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