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Maigret (2016)

Shown on ITV (STV or UTV for those of us not in England), Rowan Atkinson plays the serious role of detective Jules Maigret around the time of Jack the Ripper in England.

This feature length film, 90 minutes long, followed Maigret trying to catch a murderer in Paris. With many recognisable faces, it was a shock to see that the one name I recognised wasn’t the murderer for a change! The acting was brilliant and the storyline wasn’t too far fetched as so many of these crime shows can be.

For his first serious role, Rowan Atkinson did a pretty decent job of getting me to warm to Maigret. Whilst I’m aware of a lot of complaints about the show, my only problem with it would be the unnecessary music that seems to be in all shows these days. I would agree that sometimes music is needed to set the scene but I think we had all of 2 minutes in the first 15 that didn’t have music going on in the background.

However, I would definitely recommend watching it if you get the chance!

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