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Is Luvanto Better Than Hardwood Flooring?

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AD | There are many advantages Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring has over real hardwood flooring – enough to make it more of a budgetary satisfactory investment in the long run.

The biggest advantage vinyl has over real hardwood is that vinyl is waterproof, less expensive, and faster and easier to install. It proves so effective in areas that hardwood cannot those high-end residential markets opted towards vinyl due to its protective safeguards in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundry rooms, as well as being suitable for any room in the house.

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It looks great, is easy to install by yourself and is relatively easy to remove if your home requires any serious remodelling.

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Installation of Luvanto

Whilst more complex installations may require a professional fitter being hired, the majority of vinyl flooring brands are a painless exercise due to click and lock edges. For those who love to undertake a nice little side project, they can simply unpack and get to work. There is no requirement in sanding down, coating over or curing as you typically would with a hardwood floor.

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Self-installation is welcome in further reducing your costs against your budget for the home, as an hourly rate for a professional fitter can get quite expensive.

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Care of Luvanto

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is the easiest product to keep clean and healthy for prolonged periods. Anyone can find a quick 5 minutes to sweep and vacuum a floor, even if setting the robot vacuum for a more carefree approach.

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When it comes to mopping your vinyl floor, all you need to consider is not to soak your floor with water. All Luvanto ranges are 100% waterproof, but they can still be tested by large amounts of water puddling over them. It can also be pierced or gouged by such items as dropped knives or scissors, and the scratch resistance can be challenged if you have furniture with sharp feet edges (we would recommend felt pads on the feet of any furniture.)

If you have a family member who uses a wheelchair, your best recommendation would be to use vinyl tile instead of hardwood or vinyl planks.

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Safety in Mind

Every kind of product emits some kind of safety requirement and precaution, and whilst luxury vinyl flooring is highly recommended for homes with underfloor heating – you’ll need to know exactly what limits the flooring can withstand. Even if it doesn’t melt, it can still be impacted by the heat if too high.

Regardless it is always recommended that you find out every piece of information from the supplier in safeguarding the product for its maximum lifespan. When it comes to vinyl flooring from Luvanto, you have a bigger benefit over real hardwood flooring that saves you on your budget also.

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