A Night At Lunn’s Jewellers

A Night At Lunn's Jewellers Life With Ktkinnes
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Happy Monday everyone! Or not so happy Monday to anyone currently cursing that alarm for going off… I’m actually kinda happy my alarm went this morning because it mean it’s a new post day! But today I want to give you a brief catch up on what’s been happening over the last week, as well as a look at my night at Lunn’s Jewellers!

So the last mini catch up was on Monday last week, my welcome to July 2018 post that I highly recommend you read if you like giveaways! Since posting that post, I did have a rather busy week. Between work, fighting with car dealers (another story for another time), choir, Lunn’s, and a work night out, all before the weekend, it was a busy but great week!

Monday saw us out for lunch for my Granny’s birthday, and we had a lovely meal at a bar opposite the train station in Lisburn. Unfortunately, I did have to return to work after it, but we had a tasty meal and I think Granny had a good birthday. That evening I had a quick chat with a car salesman about the car I ordered back in May and got the news I should have my car by the end of the week! That illusion was shattered on Tuesday, but again I say I won’t go into it now – I can’t be bothered and it would just get me wound up again. But the day improved a lot when I finally got speaking to Jordanne on FaceTime! I was actually so excited to get speaking to her, and it made Tuesday that much better. Wednesday came around, and I was beginning to think about the Lunn’s event, but still had to go to Choir. It was actually really fun, and while learning a new song (that I already knew anyway) we were all slowly roasting to death in a very very warm room… But soon I was home again, had a quick shower, and sat and watch Suits in bed until I fell asleep. Thursday came around and I spent the morning in work waiting for a phone call about my car. It finally came mid afternoon with the news it would most likely be today that I get my car! It could possibly be tomorrow, but I’m going with it’s finally today so I’m excited. Following that call, I was asked into the office “for a quick chat”. Suffice to say that I left work in a fantastic mood on Thursday, and was looking forward to the rest of the evening in Belfast. I won’t go into the Lunn’s event here, that’s what this post is meant to be about. So moving on to Friday, we were in a great mood in the office. The 3:59 club rule was implemented, and I got home to have a brief snack before getting ready. The taxi picked me up around 7ish, and we got into Belfast for a few cocktails in the new Belfast Grand Central Hotel – they were brilliant! And to be honest that place is gorgeous. Definitely blogger-worthy. But I didn’t take any photos – it was a work night out afterall! We progressed round to Buba in St Anne’s Square – all I will say is if you love Moroccan food and/or tapas, or even just damn good cocktails then you need need need to book a table for Buba soon. It was a great night, and on Saturday morning I woke up tired but with a clear head. Granny came round for a barbecue, we listened to the last ever Carolyn Stewart’s Saturday Night House Party on U105, and I celebrated getting a song played that I requested! That was actually so exciting, I’ve never had that happen before. All of this brings us up to yesterday, when to be honest a quiet day was needed. So I did a bit of blogging work in my room, went on a brief trip out to do a little shopping, and then we all curled up to watch some Sunday night TV.

So now that we’re all caught up, let’s take a look at the Lunn’s event!

A Night At Lunn’s

Thursday night, as I’ve already said, saw me attend the celebration of the arrival of the latest David Yurman collection at Lunn’s. We were invited along for an exclusive preview, and the chance to be styled by Travis Ngo, David Yurman’s director of styling events who flew in from New York for the evening.

Before going in, I met up with Gill and Bex, and the three of us headed in together. Not going to lie, walking in I just had to have a glance at the fabric used in the window displays… the company I work for provided the fabric for them, and I’ve become a bit of an anorak looking out for it where possible. But enough about that. On walking in through the door, we were greeted by some friendly looking staff before being handed a little red Lunn’s pouch. I was told later in the evening that the pouch contained a key, but we’ll reach that part in a while.

Having never been into Lunn’s before, I was in awe of how big it was, never mind all the gorgeous jewellery surrounding me. Trying to decide if my overdraft could extend to buy every sparkly thing I spotted, I accepted a glass of champagne and walked around to view the jewellery Lunn’s sell.

A Night At Lunn's Jewellers Life With KtkinnesA Night At Lunn's Jewellers Life With KtkinnesA Night At Lunn's Jewellers Life With KtkinnesA Night At Lunn's Jewellers Life With KtkinnesA Night At Lunn's Jewellers Life With KtkinnesA Night At Lunn's Jewellers Life With KtkinnesA Night At Lunn's Jewellers Life With KtkinnesA Night At Lunn's Jewellers Life With KtkinnesA Night At Lunn's Jewellers Life With Ktkinnes

After a chance to mingle and nosey around the David Yurman collection in the centre of the room – absolutely gorgeous! I was in awe of everything, and considering I tend to only really wear fine jewellery, I was actually really impressed with the bigger pieces and found myself wanting every single piece of jewellery Lunn’s had on display.

Soon our attention changed to the stage set up at the far end of the room. Travis Ngo was displaying some of the ways you can style the David Yurman jewellery, and with an ethos of “you can never wear too much jewellery” there were some brilliant combinations on the models! My absolute favourite was the layered necklaces, but I was standing too far back to get a good photo of it. When Travis finished displaying the gorgeous jewellery, we took another opportunity to try on the pieces and chat amongst ourselves. After a little while, Cathy brought our attention back to the little red pouches we were handed upon arrival. At the front of the store, there was a display cabinet with a gorgeous necklace in it. One of our pouches held the key to unlock the cabinet, and whoever owned that key was going to win the necklace in the cabinet. Unfortunately, my key isn’t the one that opened the case, otherwise I think I’d still be on cloud nine.

I had a great time at Lunn’s, and I’m now absolutely in love with the David Yurman collection. Maybe after a few more pay-days I might actually head back and buy myself a bracelet or something… but we’ll cross that bridge when the time comes!

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