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Hey there everyone! I’m actually a little in shock at how fast Monday has come again, even with all the things going on here at the minute! I’m down into the last 10 days of living in this flat and it’s full steam ahead with getting ready to head home for the summer.

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Exams are now over, and while I had hoped to be able to dedicate more time to you all here, on Twitter, and on Instagram, I’ve found myself meeting up with friends, catching up on some much needed sleep, cleaning, packing, and just generally lying on my bed staring at the ceiling wondering how I ended up there again – seriously, it’s like a magnet that just pulls you towards it!


However, I have my annual boat trip home soon so I’m sure I’ll get some posts written up and maybe watch a few films on Netflix during that journey. I’ve already started my last few My Dream Flat posts and can’t wait to share them with you! Actually, one would’ve gone live today if my laptop hadn’t randomly restarted and wiped everything I’d been writing last night. Major eye roll. Can’t trust technology these days!


One thing I’ve found myself thinking more and more over the last few days is that I am ready for change. A change of flat, change of scene, maybe even change of hair! That one will take a little longer to persuade myself to do. My most recent thoughts on this are would I suit a proper fringe in a sort of Rebel Wilson kind of style? Do I change the colour again? Who knows, to be honest I’ll probably sit down in the chair and get the usual trim before skipping off again. But there I go getting off topic again oh so easily. Change. Yes. I’m getting very good at the whole talking about doing something but never actually doing it, and that’s beginning to bug me. Even I don’t believe myself anymore when I say I’m going to do something, so why should anyone else?


Truth be told, the change I’m most excited for is the change from university life to actual work, even if it is a few years off. Okay yes the holidays are less fun to try and deal with – when else am I ever going to have a 4 month summer? – but there’s a certain structure to working life that I feel I’m lacking at the minute, and even a part time job will probably be the same. As the days pass by faster and faster, I’m certainly not wishing my life away – those real life adult responsibilities are getting too close for my liking – but I am beginning to think about the future a little more now.


But I should really get out of bed now and get back to boxing up my bedroom. There’s stuff to be packed, furniture to be dusted and given a good clean, and then there’s the rest of the day to organise too. I wonder if anyone is up for doing something today… Might see who’s around and if they want to go on an adventure! I would actually love to go to Forfar and take a walk around the Loch but it’s a nightmare trying to get there by bus by the looks of things. Too many changes and it really doesn’t look like it would be worth the hassle weather-wise, or the money. I mean, £35 for a return ticket? I know a tank of petrol costs more but at least in a car I would be comfortable!


So instead, I’ll probably spend today getting more things packed, put on a couple of washes, and just have another day in the flat.



What are you up to today?


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