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Limitless Film Review

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We ourselves can be limitless if we allow it. Okay there are certain things that right now are not possible but it doesn’t mean we will forever be limited in these situations. Tonight I decided to watch the film Limitless and to share my thoughts with you.

For example. I, at time of writing, am a 19 year old girl living in the UK, getting through university and able to do most things I want. However, limitations set by both myself and society dictate how I live. Will I happily stay at the weight I am? No because society limits “beauty”. Will I lose weight to conform to society’s rules? No, because I have set the limit in my head as to how far I can achieve this goal. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to but the limitations in my mind prevent me from succeeding as I feel I never will.

Limitless (2011) Movie Poster
Limitless (2011) Movie Poster

Recently these limitations I set myself lead to me not telling someone how I feel about them. She waltzed into my life with her music and dance and general love for life and many nights (while drunk) told me she just wanted to kiss a girl. Even with this knowledge, I hid how I actually felt until it was too late. We talk frequently but I doubt she knows how I feel. At least I hope she doesn’t know… 

What put this into my head was the title of tonight’s film – Limitless.

Limitless (2011)

IMDb has Limitless rated as 7.4/10 with a description of “With the help of a mysterious pill that enables the user to access 100 percent of his brain abilities, a struggling writer becomes a financial wizard, but it also puts him in a new world with lots of dangers.”

Don’t get me wrong, Limitless has quite a few flaws throughout the film. But if you are looking for inconsistencies and illogical behaviour, you’ll find them in every movie or show you watch. I mean, you could play that game with any movie and succeed, but Limitless was worth looking past the flaws to stick with the film. This movie manages to succeed in being simple and silly enough to be really enjoyable, a really important factor for me. I mean, remember my thoughts on The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook? And maybe this, in addition with Hangover 2, helped Bradley Cooper to be named as the sexiest man alive in 2011 (or whatever he got called, either way I’m not a huge fan).

Limitless (2011) Movie Poster in Spanish
Limitless (2011) Movie Poster (Spanish)

Back to this movie though, apologies for the rambling and getting off topic. Cooper’s character, Eddie, has a choice to make and he might not be the most likable character. But you can still care for him as the protagonist. Because, to be fair to the character, he’s acting and behaving like a normal human being would. And even someone who knows it all or has abilities others don’t have does not always act as smart as he should. Plus. What fun would it be if the main character was completely flawless? That’s right, it would be a boring movie. And this is anything but boring.

Bradley Cooper fits well into the two versions of Eddie Morra, and director Neil Burger does inventive visual effects in showing how time telescopes for Eddie and the answers to problems seem to materialize before his eyes. A subplot about a murder, however, raises questions it doesn’t answer, and all the quasi-criminal stuff seems a little perfunctory. The movie is not terrifically good, but the premise is intriguing; it doesn’t really set out to explore what such a pill might really to do a person.

All I will say is – if you haven’t already seen Limitless, go watch it now!  Predictable at times and slightly too long in places, this film still manages to hold you captivated as you wonder what’s going to happen to Eddie, the protagonist, next. If you would like to get your hands on this film to watch it, why not buy it on Amazon by clicking here? There’s also now a TV series following the same storyline – also on Amazon!

Sleep well friends! Tomorrow is a new day, new opportunities and a chance to help make even one person’s day slightly better. 

Thank you once again for reading.

Limitless movie image

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