Life Skills

As a child, we dreamt of growing up. But never once did anyone tell us how hard it can be as an adult! Life skills some of us learnt through watching our parents, teachers and other adults can be forgotten. Other people never had the luxury of learning them from adults who cared. So here in Life Skills you can expect to find anything and everything you may need to survive. From cooking to food hygiene, managing your finances to DIY skills, as well as driving and looking after yourself and your car. Life Skills is your go-to stop for anything and everything the responsible adults in our lives felt we needed to learn.

  • woman in the kitchen cooking
    Cooking and Recipes,  Life Skills

    Cooking 101: Back to Basics

    So you’re learning to cook. Or at least trying to. And everything can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re cooking for someone other than just yourself. Whether you’re starting to learn to cook from scratch, moving out for the first time,…

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    Cooking and Recipes

    Easy Pancakes for Breakfast 2022!

    So as usual coming down to breakfast I decided not to have the usual toast etc but wanted something more substantial and somewhat healthier. That’s when I remembered my favourite easy pancakes recipe out of The Student Cookbook. Easy pancakes…