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Well, I know it’s been off the TV for a few weeks now, but did any of you watch Liar on ITV/STV/UTV?

For anyone who didn’t catch what it’s about, Liar was a 6 part drama on ITV. It followed Laura, a school teacher, who in the first episode goes on a date with a surgeon who works with her sister. They seem to get on well, and throughout the date they are having a good time. Returning to Laura’s flat, they phone a taxi for Andrew but are told it’ll be a while. A few drinks later, a bit of music, and a lot more talking, and then the ad came. Laura wakes up the next day and is convinced she was raped, however Andrew insists it was fully consensual. The next 5 episodes have you questioning which of them is telling the truth, as each side seems to present their story as truthfully as possible. One minute you believe Laura, then Andrew tells his side and you believe him. Through the twists and turns, you never know who was lying and who is telling the truth, and then the final episode… well I’ll let you watch it yourself.

I loved this drama. There were comments that it was very melodramatic, and unrealistic, but the cast were brilliant, and I actually found it intriguing. I love those sorts of shows that make you question everything, and this programme certainly did that. Well, I enjoyed it until the last episode. Within the first 5 minutes, I already knew I was going to resent the last episode. However, I stuck with it, and I’m somewhat glad I did. I just don’t get why production companies and writers choose to ruin a good series.

I’m really hoping it’s still on iplayer so that you can watch it, but for now I can share the trailer with you in the hope that you can still catch it! In fact, I think the episodes are on YouTube so that might be worth checking out.

Did any of you watch Liar? What did you think of it? Remember no spoilers for anyone who could be about to start the series!

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  1. Hello Bexa

    I loved watching Liar! It was so gripping and the acting was great! Although I really didn’t like the ending. There were so many other ways to leave it open for another series. If there is another series I hoped Andrew would be in it as he was very watchable he he. Great review and well written 😘 xx

    Bexa |

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