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Let’s Start Again

Hello. It’s me. Starting over again for the umpteenth time. It seems like every time I say I’m going to become more focused on my blog, I get distracted by life. So let’s start again and see how we go!


How has everyone been? That pesky little thing called life actually stopped Life With Ktkinnes from being worked on, even though looking back there really wasn’t that much going on! Sometimes you just need to step back, read things, let life get back under control a little, and then see where you stand.  And from that, I’m here to say let’s start again.


If we’re starting again, let’s really take it back and re-start properly.  Hi everyone! My name’s Katie, and I’ve now been on-and-off blogging for 4 and a half years on this little space of the internet.  If you take a look back through the archives, you’ll find my journey from before A-Level results, to finding out what university I was going to, to actually being at university.  We then jump into second year, and alongside some student themed posts, we have book reviewss, film reviews, general life updates, and some recipes that I grew to love through the years away.  If you get as caught up as 2017, then you’ll see that I left university to start working, and even lived on my own for a little while.  While it was short-lived, it was a blast. Christmas 2017 I moved home, and we completed our second (third?) successful blogmas.  With the start of 2018, I started a new job, that I’m currently still in and loving every minute of.  Actually, half this post was drafted sitting in the office – what are lunch breaks for if not to write?


Now that we’re into 2019, I wanted to try and reconnect with the original content that I created.  Writing because it was cathartic, and because I was enjoying it. Not worrying about the fuss and stats and everything that people now envisage when thinking about blogging in the current climate.  I miss just pouring everything into the keyboard, and miss the conversations I then had with people who read the posts.


Life with Ktkinnes started out as just that – life with me.  A little narcistic, sure, to think that people really would be interested in what I get up to. I’m pretty sure even I’m not interested in what I’m getting up to half the time, but hey – for some reason people read these posts.  Who am I to question what people like to read? So as I said, let’s start again and go back to the beginning.


On that note, I want to do a get to know me type post.  Whether it’s a Q&A or a tag or whatever, I’ll probably do a poll on Twitter and Instagram, so make sure to follow me on there and give your thoughts!


But for now, I will simply say see you soon.  Hopefully sooner rather than later!


Hey :) I'm 25, from Northern Ireland and no longer new to blogging. I love all things TV, books, food, music and film as well as going out with friends. This is hopefully somewhere you'll be able to come if you feel you need a laugh or even just to stay in touch. Life can be hard and confusing, so

15 thoughts on “Let’s Start Again

  1. Hey welcome back!! I am a blogger too eho is struggling with chronic pain so I understand how life can distract. I am happy you are back to writing your heart out. Keep it up!!!!

  2. Sometimes life gets in the way when there is nothing going on and that’s just life! You must have needed the break and it’s great that you’re back at it again!

    I stopped writing for a few months but not intentionally so I know the feels. I’m back writing and talking within the community and am so glad that I came back.

    I hope to see lots more from you, as you have such a natural writing style!


  3. Thank you so much Shohinee! I suppose that’s the one benefit of blogging for a hobby – it doesn’t matter too much if you take a break xx

  4. Hi Duncan, glad it’s not just me that seems to get caught up in life! I’ll have to pop over and have a catch up with your posts 🙂 Thanks for the motivation to keep going 🙂 I’ve already managed to draft two posts for next week!

  5. Yass, go you! I tend to write and publish as I go, as writing is more of an emotional thing for me but I am hoping to write some more practical posts, which could be drafted and scheduled. I just saw your comment on my most recent post! I’ll pop on over 🙂

  6. I’m an on again off again blogger too. Just came back after a couple of months of hiatus. Welcome!

  7. Hi Komal, great to hear I’m not the only one! Here’s hoping I can become a little bit more of an “on again” blogger than an “off again” blogger haha.

  8. Hi Katie!
    Welcome Back!! ☺️ It’s nice to meet you! My name is Jessica and I run blog that thrives on empowering other people! I’d love to connect with you!

  9. Hi Jessica, nice to meet you too! Thanks for coming by and introducing yourself 🙂 Your blog sounds interesting – I’ll have to head over and check it out! Hopefully you’ll stick around and find a few posts you enjoy xx

  10. Welcome back lovely! I’ve just started my second endeavour into blogging after almost a year off and it feels good to be posting again! xxxx

  11. I took a little blog break in January too. It was slightly impromptu but it was soo needed! Glad to have you back 😘😘

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