Last Minute Gift Ideas

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EEEEEEEK! It’s getting really close now, and I don’t have my alarm set for tomorrow morning! If you’re anything like me, you won’t need today’s post because you’ll be well and truly sorted now – just waiting for the chance to get the presents under the tree unwrapped. But for anyone in a last minute panic, today’s post is for you!

While it’s not Christmas Eve yet, you can bet that today the town will be filled with people doing their last minute shopping for those little presents you’ve somehow run out of time to get. However, there’s nothing worse than knowing you still have presents to buy but no clue what to get.  Fingers crossed that if you’re in this position you can find something below to help!



Yes, I know.  Vouchers always seem like the “whoops I forgot to buy something” present, but you can get the perfect gift for people in the form of vouchers, and to make life even easier you can get them online and print them yourself without having to brave the crowds.  Some of the ones I would recommend would be for a restaurant, a generic use anywhere gift card, or (and this one I love the idea of) flight vouchers.  Yes you can’t necessarily get the perfect voucher for everyone, but have a look online and see what you can find – it’s the thought that counts!



For the book lover? Subscription box.  Coffee lover? Subscription box.  The crafter? You guessed it- subscription box! You can now get a subscription for just about anything. Did you know you can even get a Hotel Chocolat subscription? I’ve previously received a Cosmopolitan magazine subscription in the past, and I know people who got beauty boxes through a subscription service.  What’s even better is you can support small businesses by buying from them.  Even just scrolling through Twitter the other night, I saw people offering self-care subscription boxes, candles or wax melts in a subscription box, and so many more! So have a quick search online and you’ll find the perfect gift for that one person.



Take matters into your own hands and create an individual hamper for the recipient.  Fill it with edible goodies, a few drinks, anything your recipient might like.  Some ideas as fillers would be maybe a little Christmas decoration they can always remember you gave them, a book and/or bookmark, a calendar, the list is endless!


Individual Items

So the above were things that involve thinking and getting your head around the recipient. Below are some one off type presents that always go down well.


  • Fluffy blankets or cushions
  • Festive jewellery or ties
  • Cocktail Muddlers, a cocktail shaker, and a few miniatures
  • Ornaments for around their house
  • A framed photo
  • Jumpers – you can never have enough jumpers during the winter!
  • Pjs – can be seen as too personal, but some festive ones are sure to go down well.
  • Cinema tickets they can use at any stage


If there’s anything you think should be on this list that I’ve managed to miss, let us all know in the comments below – you could be saving someone’s Christmas!


Enjoy your day, and I hope we’ve helped make any last minute shopping easier for you. I have some final wrapping to do, and then I’m going to go make sure everyone is feeling festive! Speak soon xx

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